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Overdrive Pro 3g/4g


Overdrive Pro 3g/4g

I recently bought this and am trying to use the internet on it. However it will not let mme wirelessly connect to it, if i have it plugged in via USB it works just fine, however when i unplug it it loses the connection and i cannot use the internet. How can i fix this? Do i need to get a new one?


Overdrive Pro 3g/4g

When you activated it I am guessing you connected wifi?  Does the computer see the device but just won't accept the password?  If the device connects to the internet all you are dealing with is the wifi connection.  You can connect to other wifi networks with your computer- correct?

This is very difficult to answer through a forum.  I would urge you to call and ask for advanced tech support and we should be able to get you up and going.



Overdrive Pro 3g/4g

I finally talked to sprint, the only way we could get it to work is to make it an unsecured network then hide the fact that it was displaying signal... This was an incredible pain in the butt, it took 2 hours on the phone and now my fiancee's computer can't find the connection because it's hidden. How would i go about having her computer find a connection that is hiding itself? If it takes another 2 hours on the phone i'm not going to be happy . However, i will say that after it got working i didn't have any problems, but with the difficulty it took to set up i am still iffy if I made the right decision.

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