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Overdrive Pro and Dock - ALL HYPE


Overdrive Pro and Dock - ALL HYPE

I was hoping to switch to Sprints new Unlimited 4G Network, unfortunately no matter how much I want to pay, I keep being directed to very poor quality products.  I purchased a new plan, with EVERYTHING unlimited.  First I tried the "hotspot" feature built in to my Evo 4G.  Essentially worthless unless you only carry your phone and travel and need wireless internet due to the extreme battery usage and lack of ability to use phone and internet at full power.  So, I added the "Overdrive Pro" mobile hotspot.  After bringing it home, I have full bars in my driveway, but inside my home I have absolutely no signal.  Somewhat dissappointed I looked for solutions to improve my signal quality.  I put my Overdrive in my window sill, with the window open, I have 2 bars barely and a "poor" connection.  Still dissappointed and really wanting to make this 4G thing work, I bought the dock with "supposed" signal boosting qualities, especially designed to improve indoor signal when you have good signal outdoors.  It does absolutely nothing, infact at times, it seems to hinder my signal.  Regardless, I decided to give this junk a real test, took everything, including my laptop outside.  Full Bars....  2mb download speed .9mb upload and a 300ms ping.  That is pathetic.  I just so happen to live about 10 minutes from the National Sprint Headquarters.  I took my setup over that way, still, 2.5mb down MAX.  Saying you have 3mb to 10mb down speed is fantastic if it's true.  The real fact of the matter is, it depends on what tower you are connecting to.  I've had 4G speeds at home ranging from 200KB... that's 200 KILOBYTES, down to the 2mb I can get outside.  Often times I have slower 4G than I do 3G.  This is just sad, especially considering I really want this to work.  I currently use Time Warner for all my services, and was planning to drop my rediculous 300/month cable bill for a little less speed and no Cable TV, but it looks like even if I buy everything I'm directed to, I still can't get what is claimed.  My zip is 66106.  I have approx 2 weeks left so before then I'm returning everything, and will probably drop my service down to a basic cellular plan.  What I'm looking for at this point is a quick way to return all the crap I've bought.  My recommendation to Sprint is to STOP DOING BUSINESS with Sierra.  That's virtually the only thing available at your retail locations and it's complete crap.  And I'm being nice about it.  All I read are negative Sierra reviews, and postive reviews of products I've never seen at the Sprint store.  If you want to "come back" bring QUALITY.  My Overdrive's retail value is 250 dollars?  Give me a break, it's junk.  They have all sorts of issues.

Now my Overdrive Pro rant...

So, this is supposed to be the new and improved version from the previous from what I've read.  But, it seems to be riddled with stupid problems that make it very unappealing to use sprint's broadband.  Upon losing 4G and connecting to 3G, it will not switch back to 4G without turning it off and back on.  It will also randomly drop it's WiFi connection and then pick it back up, which is fine if I'm just emailing people or browsing the internet, but if I'm paying for "unlimited broadband" then that's not ok.  If I wanted a shoddy connection I would pay 5 dollars a month and go back to dial up.  Which sadly, at times could compete with my 4G.  The battery on my overdrive will not charge past 97%, it's just stuck at 97% even though it lives in it's pretty but does nothing docking station.  Another docking station issue, wtf, no Cat5 connection?  Really?  Oh wait you included a USB2 port with no cable.  Why would they not include the cable?  Oh, I will tell you.  The Overdrive was whoopsie designed poorly again, but oh well, ship it.  Well what they've ended up with, is a "wireless hotspot" that you can't connect to your computer and charge at the same time.  Now, this is with the docking station mind you.  You plug your Overdrive into it, Plug the docking station into the wall and your good to go, full battery power, but, if you want to plug it into your desktop pc, then you have to unplug it from the wall, then it will recognize your USB2 connection, and you are now running on battery power.  Very VERY, bad design.  I'm amazed that all these issues have "slipped" by, and that this is the flagship hotspot for sprint. 

What I would like to see,

Sprint go after some quality assurance and 3mb down, inside my home on my desk.  I would rather use my own router than something the size of a piece of charcoal to share my internet.  Just sell a wireless modem NOT from sierra.  I mean, really, if you want to be the best, then sell the best.  I would pay more and go home happy to have something that was the best available, and I know that sierra does NOT have the best.  If you really want to be scared sprint, then remember that the LTE network is growing faster than the 4G network.  Either sell better products to use your 4G or you are going to lose to a cheaper system simply because it functions as intented.


One thing I totally forgot, if you want to improve your signal with your hotspot, but it on a thick piece of steel, works 10 times better than the docking station.  I pop in the dock, and get the same speed I had, take it out and lay it on a piece of steel from work, and I have a slighty faster connection.  Go figure, a flat plate picks up signal better than the dock atennas.

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