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Overdrive: Unexplained overages - $500 fees - NO RESOLUTION


Overdrive: Unexplained overages - $500 fees - NO RESOLUTION

I used my Sprint Overdrive for over 2 years - never had an overage (or even came close to my data limit)

At the end of June, there was VERY different usage tracked:  downloads every 2 hours, once when I was on a plane.

The first I knew about it was when my bill had $500 of overages - I was NEVER notified when things went crazy (and I didn't check daily as I'd been very satisfied and had no problems for 2 years).

I have had MANY calls with Sprint representatives, I have gone to a Sprint store.  No one will give me the usage I'm accused of having made, no one will examine my PC and the Overdrive, and everyone insists I owe these fees.

I am sorry to say I am no longer a Sprint customer - and that if you're considering this device, be sure to check your usage every day (or go with another carrier that will trust you, alert you to suspicious changes in behvaior, and work with you for a resolution:  Sprint will do NONE of these!)

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