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Overdrive Wireless 3/4G device - fraudulant & bogus usage & billing charges...


Overdrive Wireless 3/4G device - fraudulant & bogus usage & billing charges...

Has anybody else been fraudulantly charged for over-usage, or total within-limit usage that they didn't really use, from Sprint-Nextel Co. ? Sprint's been tacking on bogus usage & charges...AND they've withheld the detail of this usage from me, and they keep it off my online account until well after the fact; thus there's no "paper trail". I am filing an F.C.C. preliminary complaint investigation as I type this....

I know some number of Sprint customers have experienced this between June 2010 - February 2011, from reading through these Community pages (plus other sites) all day. So far it's been in the $100's of dollars. Amazing by itself: the "My Sprint" keeps updating our over-limit usage and fees every day this week, even thought the device has been shut down, unplugged, and in a drawer since last weekend, since we first thought we were just under the 5g limit.


~ Scott T. Shier, in Michigan

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This matter has been or is being discussed at

(Note that the last one is not subject to censorship by Sprint, and that former customers can post to it.)

I strongly encourage you to contact the FCC on their website ( and your state public utilities commission, providing them with as much information as you can, and directing them to these links.

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