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Overdrive connection drops, overheating.


Overdrive connection drops, overheating.

It's a contstant battle to keep connecting with this thing. I really regret buying it.

For me it does the following:

  • Connects for somewhere between 1 and 2 hours and then starts to be really flaky;
  • Gets extra hot with constant usage;
  • Once in the hot/flaky state, randomly drops 3g or 4g connections on the WAN side;
  • Ditto with the LAN side (which makes any kind of real-time access almost impossible);
  • Won't allow me to re-authenticate as an admin in the managment interface but won't let me into the admin areas;
  • Randomly shuts down when really hot;
  • Powering down requires a removal of the battery; and
  • Battery life is now down to about two hours on a good day.

I've called Sprint tech support on a number of occasions and just  get the brush off. They claim to have never heard of these problems.  Seriously, come on, just look at the community forums or the internal KB. Don't treat me  like an idiot.

The best so far has suggested I  take the thing to a store which is a waste of their time and mine. There  are either serious hardware issues with the Overdrive (heating,  connection drops) or the firmware isn't up to scratch. Unless Sprint has  the source code and schematics to the Overdrive in store neither of  these things can be fixed by well meaning people on the front line.

Ideally  I'd like this swapped out for A U301 or a 250U and one of their OEM  Cradlepoint boxes and even pay the difference. Bulkier but at least works. I had a Cradlepoint with  my old non-4g U727 card and it never let me down. A resounding 'no way' is the shortened version of that conversation.

Great network, Sprint, I just wish you'd acknowlege the Overdrive is flawed and offer me a way to be a happy customer again.

What can anybody suggest to get this issue resolved?


I have the same problem.  I just got it last week.  The sprint members know this problem but they are very sneaky and quiet about this.  They can't blame Serria on the device overheat and dropping issues.  Therefore, they turn to blaming customers ---stupid to by the device!  Sorry, we don't make them, we just sell them....sorry!!!!

I have to take out the battery and the cover....and also go and get a fan for it to work for couple hours!

What's a shame for sprint user like me who has been a loyalty to them through out the years!

I will curse Sprint and all of people who work for them...to knowingly a defective device and still selling to its loyal customers!.....


It's a dubious pleasure to see someone else with the bulging battery issue.  I've had it once before and took the device into a local Sprint store that's authorized for repair.  They swapped it out without issue, but now it's puffed up again.

I would be fine running it on AC power only, but it only goes like that for some number of hours before displaying, "No Battery" (or something to that effect) and shutting off.

I believe all these issues are definitely thermal-related.  The only place I can get a decent 4G signal (40%) here in Chicago is in a south-facing window.

During the times it's exhibited these disconnection, slowness, ..., etc. issues, it's always been almost too hot to touch, partly because it's black, summer, morning or mid-day, and in a south-facing window.  I've even caught it with a message on the screen that indicates it detected an over-temp condition.  Shut down, blow in it (sigh), remove the battery and reboot, and--guess what--everything back to normal.

I have the 2.06.06 firmware, and it definitely improved a lot of things, but the overheating issue is still a real problem.  I'll see how it does this winter, and if it does well, I guess I'll have to rig up a fan for it.

One suggestion for Sierra Wireless: Please make it so I can run the device without the battery indefinitely.  Maybe not having to charge the battery would allow the device to run cooler.


This is an update to my previous post. I finally broke down and took my Overdrive to the local Sprint service and repair center. I explained the problems I've been experiencing to the repair person. They took one look at my bulging battery and were amazed it hadn't exploded. After a few minutes of behind the door conversation with his "supervisor," the repair person came out and told me it was "user error" -- that I was not supposed to keep the device continually plugged in -- and that it was my fault that the battery was bulging. He said I needed to charge the device, unplug it when fully charged, and then recharge when depleted. According to him, I should be able to get 3-4 hours of consistent mobile service at a time doing it that way. I politely heard him out, then I told him what I was really thinking. According to him, the Overdrive was never intended to be plugged in all the time. Well, if that's the case, they NEVER mentioned that when they sold it to me. Also, if that's the case, why does Sprint sell a wall mount accessory for the Overdrive? Totall bullshit. After arguing with the Spring repair people for no less than 20 minutes, they told me there was nothing they could do and I would have to contact Sierra Wireless.

So, I came home and promptly called Sprint national customer service. As soon as I told the phone attendant my battery was bulging and hot he said the device is faulty. He said it is a hardware problem NOT a software or a "user error" problem. He then issued me a ticket number and instructed me to promptly return the device to the service and repair center for a TOTAL REPLACEMENT (not just a battery replacement). I asked him if that meant the service and repair people WILL replace the device and he said it did, because the ticket is coming from Sprint national customer service. So, tomorrow I will take my Overdrive back to the repair center, with my ticket number, and we'll see what happens. The complete lack of accountability from Sprint regarding this POS is astounding!

Obviously Sprint HQ knows this is a HARDWARE issue and not a software or user problem. Luckily, I was able to connect with someone who was willing to admit that. Still, I am thoroughly disgusted with the un-service I receieved from the local Sprint repair people. As soon as my contract is up on this device, I will wash my hands of Sprint forever. 


I completely agree! If this device could run on AC indefinitely without the battery, I believe the problem would be solved. Mine will not connect without the battery installed.


Mine is the same as all the others. Hot and dropped. It has locked up 9 times tonight. I have taken it in to sprint twice and they say "Welp, it has the lastest firmware" and hand it back to me. The battery had swollen from the heat to the point that the cover wouldn't even come close to fitting. The second battery is doing the same.

I thought I would get a router and USB the Overdrive to the router. Craddlepoint will not support the Overdrive. Anybody need a router?

But, Sprint was first in 4G (in my area at least). Sometimes marketing trumphs engineering.

So what can we do now? There are hundreds of posts like this and Sprint is not interested.


I am on my 3rd Overdrive. And as with the first two, this one isn't worth a crap either. I'll just keep returning them until they run out of them or let me out of my contract without shafting me. I have no intention of going to another vendor. I've been with sprint for over 10 years and as with all vendors, they all have their good points and bad points. Hopefully, SW and Sprint will figure something out or admit that they have a huge lemon on their hands.


We are now on our 4th overdrive, getting ready to get our 5th overdrive.  Sprint has supposedly had technicians testing the towers.  Still will not admit they have a problem with the OVERDRIVE.  They also told me that they do not make it and just sell it, and they have thousands of customers that LOVE the device.  They refuse to admit there is a problem.  This is to the point of being rediculous!


I just swapped mine out, and noticed that it immediately wanted to update.  Guess what.  There's a new firmware version out: 2.23.00.  This isn't available on Sprint's downloads page, but the Overdrive was able to download it directly.

Hopefully, this fixes more problems.



A maintenance release for the Overdrive will be available this evening.  I will post a separate thread as well as post a link to it in this thread when it becomes available.  You should see improvements in the connectivity with this maintenance release. 


Yes, there is an update...it will be posted to the downloads page this evening and I will let everyone know via this thread when it's available.


Here is the link to the maintenance release thread: http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/49021?tstart=0


Trying again due to being dropped. This update seems to have made things WORSE. I have to disconnect/reconnect every 10 minutes to surf. Same crap speeds with 3 bars of 4G. Bulging battery, check. F.

Edit: Really! I can't say cr*p?

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