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Overdrive connection drops, overheating.


Overdrive connection drops, overheating.

It's a contstant battle to keep connecting with this thing. I really regret buying it.

For me it does the following:

  • Connects for somewhere between 1 and 2 hours and then starts to be really flaky;
  • Gets extra hot with constant usage;
  • Once in the hot/flaky state, randomly drops 3g or 4g connections on the WAN side;
  • Ditto with the LAN side (which makes any kind of real-time access almost impossible);
  • Won't allow me to re-authenticate as an admin in the managment interface but won't let me into the admin areas;
  • Randomly shuts down when really hot;
  • Powering down requires a removal of the battery; and
  • Battery life is now down to about two hours on a good day.

I've called Sprint tech support on a number of occasions and just  get the brush off. They claim to have never heard of these problems.  Seriously, come on, just look at the community forums or the internal KB. Don't treat me  like an idiot.

The best so far has suggested I  take the thing to a store which is a waste of their time and mine. There  are either serious hardware issues with the Overdrive (heating,  connection drops) or the firmware isn't up to scratch. Unless Sprint has  the source code and schematics to the Overdrive in store neither of  these things can be fixed by well meaning people on the front line.

Ideally  I'd like this swapped out for A U301 or a 250U and one of their OEM  Cradlepoint boxes and even pay the difference. Bulkier but at least works. I had a Cradlepoint with  my old non-4g U727 card and it never let me down. A resounding 'no way' is the shortened version of that conversation.

Great network, Sprint, I just wish you'd acknowlege the Overdrive is flawed and offer me a way to be a happy customer again.

What can anybody suggest to get this issue resolved?


I have the exact same problems. Very frustrating. I am researching to come up with a rig to keep the device cool and will post what I come up with later. I also took it to the store and got a deer in headlights look. The overheating was so bad the battery started swelling and the back popped off. So now sufficing to say I run it with no battery and they do not allow you to buy a battery and seems no one sells them.When they come out with a new one I would like to swap it. I also have issues with VOIP not routing back properly. One way voice. Goes out fine but does not come back fine.


Interesting. I call Sprint and tell them the battery is bulging. They write a report. I go to the Sprint repair center, they take the battery into the back and bring me a brand new one.

I think when the battery swells up like that, Sprint is afraid it might cause damage to your property and "happily" replaces it. Well at least that is what has happened with me 2 previous times. I am about to place another call to Sprint and visit the repair center for a 3rd battery.

Next complaint. When I look at the Sprint coverage map of 4G, I am in it. My unit will connect at 4G but only at a 20% signal. Gee, I really hate being lied to. I am reasonably certain I will NEVER get 4G speeds as I was promised.


Has anyone thought about going the Class Action Route - It would probably be more efficient to go that route at this point, rather than continue to be frustrated. It seems that there are enough complaints from people on this forum alone to generate interest in filing for Class Action.

Should we start another Topic and get a roll call of how many people have had issues with this device? I am on my second and cannot get it to work reliably for more than 20 minutes at a time. Sprint Technical Support is inadequate not necessarily because they're bad, but rather, I believe this device is flawed as a piece of hardware. It hasn't lived up to the standards and stability as advertised to me when I purchased the unit.

These things happen with devices all the time, at a certain point, customers need to make a collective choice on how to move forward. I don't want to spend hours of my workday on the phone just to keep on swapping out units. My time is precious to me, as I'm sure it's precious to most of the people here. Isn't that why we purchased these gadgets and services? We want to be more efficient day to day so we can spend our time doing the things that really matter to us.

Anyone interested?


If the class actio suit starts, count me in.  This thing is a POS.


I had the same problem last night with it- but after it cooled off and recharged I now stand it up on its side and the problem seems to be gone. maybe laying it on the battery side doesnt give it enough air room- Im trying this and will see how it goes.


I 've done the same thing. But what really bothers me and what I'm desperately trying to understand is this:

Why is it up to us, the consumers to come up with half assed ways just to get something to work that should have worked in the first place?


"4.  Add an external CPU cooling fan that is constantly on when the unit  is on.  This is cumbersum and will require a separate power source but  it will help keep the device cool.  It works even better if you actually  build a heat sink type device so that you get a good airflow over the  unit.  Alternatively, place a sealed bottle of cold water adjacent to  the unit or set it on top of the unit (remember cold attracts heat)."

That's exaclty what I did, check it out....



Sure enough, my second unit started overheating so I unplug it and place it in my REFRIGERATOR for an hour or two and then take it out and plug it in for a recharge. Since doing I have had no problems of dropping G4 or overheating. Just have to remember that it's in there and recharge it before it dies. Can't beat that for a heat sink!


I just got done doing that procedure a few minutes ago...good thing the cats were in the backyard or I'd be standing there for about 10 minutesd waiting for the darn thing to reboot with no entertainment....the battery has swollen, so i dont put it in anymore and I leave it on the windowsill with the back off...still overheats.


i have the same problem with mine.  i am seriously considering breaking my contract & paying the $200 dollars to get rid of this thing.  i will go back to AT&T for one.  i pay $61 a month to only have this stupid thing work not even 1/2 the time.  i called sprint last week to talk to someone about it "AGAIN" & the guy was totally rude and disrespectful to me.  now i know why my cell phone is with at&t 


Wow, look at all of these issues, and how far back they go, and yet nothing...

Overheating, disconnecting, battery ready to blowup, piece of yuck!!!

With my 'supposed' OVERUSE charges, I have more than paid for the $200 it would cost to break my contract!!  How can usage be way UNDER the 5GB, and then boom, all of a sudden, overage costs!! Really??? Seriously??!! Maybe this is Sprint's way of collecting money up front before they get hit with a Class Action Law Suit.

I am so done....really I am....


After Lots of time on the phone - too many visits to the Sprint Store. Talks with Sierra Wireless. A talk with a childhood friend turned

Attorney, I decided the best option for me was to cancel my service and get a VZ wireless 4G/LTE mifi. I get good LTE service in my area and made sense to switch and eat the Early-Termination fee. It's was about a $100 to cancel. Sprint has always been pleasant on the phone, but their on store experience is just horrid. They should learn something from Apple.... but I digress.

I don't think that Class Action is a bad idea, I just don't have the energy to spearhead something like this right now. I was told that it wouldn't be difficult to gain class action status for this device/service but It needs to be lead by someone and I just can't do that right now. I have my experience pretty well documented so if a class action suit does develop from this thread, I would gladly turn over any emails/equipment charges in order to help the cause.

I'm all for fighting a crappy situation, but I have to pick my battles. Switching to another carrier will hurt Sprint's bottom line and

that makes me happy enough.

Best of Luck

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