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Overdrive connection drops, overheating.


Overdrive connection drops, overheating.

It's a contstant battle to keep connecting with this thing. I really regret buying it.

For me it does the following:

  • Connects for somewhere between 1 and 2 hours and then starts to be really flaky;
  • Gets extra hot with constant usage;
  • Once in the hot/flaky state, randomly drops 3g or 4g connections on the WAN side;
  • Ditto with the LAN side (which makes any kind of real-time access almost impossible);
  • Won't allow me to re-authenticate as an admin in the managment interface but won't let me into the admin areas;
  • Randomly shuts down when really hot;
  • Powering down requires a removal of the battery; and
  • Battery life is now down to about two hours on a good day.

I've called Sprint tech support on a number of occasions and just  get the brush off. They claim to have never heard of these problems.  Seriously, come on, just look at the community forums or the internal KB. Don't treat me  like an idiot.

The best so far has suggested I  take the thing to a store which is a waste of their time and mine. There  are either serious hardware issues with the Overdrive (heating,  connection drops) or the firmware isn't up to scratch. Unless Sprint has  the source code and schematics to the Overdrive in store neither of  these things can be fixed by well meaning people on the front line.

Ideally  I'd like this swapped out for A U301 or a 250U and one of their OEM  Cradlepoint boxes and even pay the difference. Bulkier but at least works. I had a Cradlepoint with  my old non-4g U727 card and it never let me down. A resounding 'no way' is the shortened version of that conversation.

Great network, Sprint, I just wish you'd acknowlege the Overdrive is flawed and offer me a way to be a happy customer again.

What can anybody suggest to get this issue resolved?


I am having the same problems.  The battery is bulging as well.  Sprint Customer Service only gave me a reference number to have the battery replaced.  They said it was a battery issue.  After reading all of the posts it sounds more like the device is defective. 


I first got the overdrive when it was still fresh on the market, didnt have any real issues with it. Some with a bit of overheating but that seemed to calm down with a better ventilated spot. Though within the last six months or so its become near impossible to maintain a decent connection. I thought it was a side effect of me being stationed in a backwater posting, but after seeing the forum its been a more pronounced issue for quite a few people. This along with the data cap that downgraded my previously 'unlimited' limit without affecting how much my plan costs, wich makes no sence to me. Forces me to realize that when I get off this deployment I'm just going to have to shut down that line and move on to more reliable internet services from say Comcast.


I have 2 of these lousy half-baked products (1 overdrive, 1 overdrive-pro). They both are junk, and I feel like a fool for actually buying not one, but 2 of these pathetic products.  I have the same problems as everyone else: overheating, shutting down, flakey unreliable operation (even though I'm in a strong 4G coverage area in Houston).  I am canceling both numbers. If anyone does want to get a class action lawsuit going, I am ready to contribute to the cause.  You know, it's really a shame - they seem to have a decent network, but they have destroyed their reputation with me.  They put a crappy, problem infested product on the market and then they don't make good on it. That's pathetic.

If anyone decides to organize a class action, please let me know - davidb@computer.org


This device is a real piece of trash. Ive had it in 3 different states and ive NEVER had a good connection. Ive been dealing with the 20% 4G connection for a couple of months now and a couple of days ago it just stopped working all together. For two days its been on the ever so lovely "Power Saver Mode" because for some reason there is no 4G found. Funny since its been in the very same spot this whole time.


i have the same problem with my blackberry and since they changed the sprint premiere program noone is eligible to do a 13 month upgrade which sucks im thinking of leaving and paying the early termination fee and going to att or sprint for better service better phone and the same plan service i would be paying here this service is horrible and im fed up with cvalling sprint back to back every month they replaced my phone with a garbage refurbished twice and they both gave me problems then i return the phones so they have the audacity to charge me $340 and $140 equipment non-return fees when they already got the phones so i went over my spending limit and my service got disconnected as a result got charged $35 RECONNECT FEE wow what is wrong with these people they have too many billing errors bad service not to mention bad phones too many malfunctions i think im ready to leave


I have the same problem, I am so discusted with sprint over this, I am a 8 years customer and think they really are messing up with thisz device, they offer no help or way out also this is just bull!!



I've already had my battery replaced twice with a used/new battery, had a local technician check out the connecting port to say he found a piece of tape in the port AND have previously sent it to Sierra to have the port re-welded when the port completely came out.  In addition to the overheating and connection issues I am fed up with this unit.  I would not recommend anyone buying it. Now what will Sprint do for us?


My overdrive pro over heated from the get go.  I basically had to plug it in for an hour or two.  Then use it.  Then turn it off so it could cool.  Then do the cycle over again.  I had pretty good 4G speeds though.  I was going to cancel when I found out they capped the data and there by changed the terms of the contract.  But through a long story, I dont have to worry about canceling it or paying.

If sprint can go and change something from unlimited data to a capped amount, aren't you wondering what might happen with your phone contract?  Obviously they can do that and you will still be in contract and still be paying ETF's to jump ship.

I can see sprint doing something like that and then coming back and saying "well you get 5 gigs which is better than at&t" and somehow in their minds it will sound acceptable.


Our Overdrive has destroyed our love for Sprint, its customer service and everything associated with the Sprint name.  I was a Sprint customer before the days of wireless...when they had regular long distance service.  I've been with Sprint longer than I have with my husband~~~and we just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary!!

When it was time for a cellphone, Sprint was our first and only consideration.  We will be ending our relationship with the company, largely because of the Overdrive.

It does not perform dependably.  It is continually dropping the connection.  It runs so slow it takes forever to get back up.  The service is sporadic at best and it is most frustrating when it is all that you have access to, to have to be dependant on such an inadaquate tool.  

I have had to return mine because of overheating.  When I returned it to my local Sprint store, the workers all came over and just oogled my battery because it was so swollen that it was ready to explode.  They went on and on about how lucky I was that it didn't explode and start a fire.  Frankly, they kind of freaked me out.  I have my 3rd battery now...and it is (knock on wood) not overheating as bad as the others did.....but that doesn't help the service.

The customer service folks do not show any care or concern about the problem.  I was told if I didn't like it, I could just go somewhere else.  I shall!!!  We have two phones and quite an extensive service with Sprint.  We will be ending them all.  We can now get the Century Link service at the highest speed available for less than half the charge for the Overdrive.  It will save us, even this far into our contract, over $170 to bail on Sprint and pick up Century Link....So we are ahead to pay the early disconnection fee.  My husband says if they do charge us that fee, we will end our phone service with Sprint too.  We are truely disillusioned!!!!

I think that Sprint should let people out of their contract when the product/service is so inferior that it is of little or no value.  This aggravation is not what I signed up for!!

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