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Overdrive connection drops, overheating.


Overdrive connection drops, overheating.

It's a contstant battle to keep connecting with this thing. I really regret buying it.

For me it does the following:

  • Connects for somewhere between 1 and 2 hours and then starts to be really flaky;
  • Gets extra hot with constant usage;
  • Once in the hot/flaky state, randomly drops 3g or 4g connections on the WAN side;
  • Ditto with the LAN side (which makes any kind of real-time access almost impossible);
  • Won't allow me to re-authenticate as an admin in the managment interface but won't let me into the admin areas;
  • Randomly shuts down when really hot;
  • Powering down requires a removal of the battery; and
  • Battery life is now down to about two hours on a good day.

I've called Sprint tech support on a number of occasions and just  get the brush off. They claim to have never heard of these problems.  Seriously, come on, just look at the community forums or the internal KB. Don't treat me  like an idiot.

The best so far has suggested I  take the thing to a store which is a waste of their time and mine. There  are either serious hardware issues with the Overdrive (heating,  connection drops) or the firmware isn't up to scratch. Unless Sprint has  the source code and schematics to the Overdrive in store neither of  these things can be fixed by well meaning people on the front line.

Ideally  I'd like this swapped out for A U301 or a 250U and one of their OEM  Cradlepoint boxes and even pay the difference. Bulkier but at least works. I had a Cradlepoint with  my old non-4g U727 card and it never let me down. A resounding 'no way' is the shortened version of that conversation.

Great network, Sprint, I just wish you'd acknowlege the Overdrive is flawed and offer me a way to be a happy customer again.

What can anybody suggest to get this issue resolved?


I've got the exact same problem here. I'm way past my 30 day return so I'm stuck with the thing.

I'd say to call cs so they have a record of your complaint. Also, keep on returning them for new ones. You and I know that this isn't the answer to the big question, but as long as you complain and return these hot overdrives, it all gets recorded. Maybe, Sprint will allow us to exchange these lemons for something else without trying to screw us over with early termination fees.


After reading your other posts I am going to assume that you have done this, but I will ask anyway.

  • Upgraded to the lastest software? 2.06.06
  • Are you mobile when on battery?
  • What is your coverage like?  If your device is constantly searching for 4G this will quickly drain your battery. 

Below are some tips from the User guide and Sierra's website that may help (you probably have already seen all this....but just in case here it is)

  • Extending Battery Life
  • When you’re not using the device, turn it off, or end the 3G/4G connection. (Click Disconnect on the home page.)
  • Connect the device, through the USB to Micro B cable, to the AC charger or a computer, and disable Wi-Fi. See “Disabling Wi-Fi When Connected Through USB” on page 90.
  • Adjust the LCD — do one or more of the following:
    • Turn off the LCD (Advanced settings > Device > Display > LCD Backlight).
    • Decrease the brightness of the LCD (Advanced settings > Device > Display > Backlight Settings > On Battery/USB Power).
    • Set the LCD to turn off sooner. See “Setting the LCD Timeout” on page 69.
  • Configure the setting (for when battery powered or connected via USB) to “Better battery life” (Advanced settings > Wi-Fi > Network > Battery or USB Powered).
  • Enable standby (low power) mode. See “Standby (Low Power) Mode” on page 46.
  • Turn off the lighting of the power button (i.e. LED) (Advanced settings > Device > Display > Power Button LED).
  • Limit the number of Wi-Fi users (Advanced settings > Wi-Fi > Network > Max Number of Users).
  • If you have 3G but not 4G coverage, set WAN mode to 3G only (Advanced settings > WAN > Setup > WAN Mode).
  • If GPS is enabled and you’re using your device from the same location, set GPS Mode to One-time. See “Setting the GPS Mode” on page 93
  • If the device is completely drained, charge it to at least 10% before attempting to power on. The device can get to this charge level usually within a few minutes if you use an AC power adapter; charging through a laptop will take much longer.
  • Shorten your wifi range
    • Log into the overdrive home page
    • Click the battery icon, battery info and settings window opens
    • From here you can change your settings to configure settings for battery/USB powered or when in AC powered mode.

Hope this helps.


Yeah, been through just about all of this, alas. Thanks for posting it, I hope somebody else will get some benefit from it.

I can live with a battery that's short on life. I travel on the train to NYC usually once a month and occasionally the power will flicker on and off. If the unit didn't have a battery my connection would drop. The Overdrive takes a good three minutes to boot and then try and connect to the network (even with the latest firmware).

The other usage for the battery is in a cab or when I need data and AT&T's coverage for the iPhone is sucking. Don't get me started on that, it's a whole other world of connectivity pain!

The real pain for me comes from the contstant data drops (both WAN and LAN), reboots, and overheating.


First, I concur with the connectivity problems.  Mine are simpler and somewhat less irritating, because I use the Overdrive to replace a defunct datacard that was distributed to two or three 'puters here in the house.  Also, there is no 4G service in our area, so it's set to 3G only.  As the Overdrive doubles as a router as well as a wireless internet connection (we're rural and cable or DSL aren't gonna get out here in my lifetime!), it's plugging a hole.

This work-around won't help you, but it may help someone else who's using it (as I am) in a home environment.

I purchased a 5-inch electric fan from Wal-Mart ($5.95; such a deal) and set it on the counter where the Overdrive sits.  The Overdrive is always plugged into an AC power supply.  Also -- and this is important, I think -- the Overdrive "sits" on its side, the slim narrow side, so the large flat side is never on the countertop.  The point:  The maximum surface area of the Overdrive is exposed to air.

Then, I have the small fan blowing onto the Overdirve from about five inches away.  Always.  Never stops.  The Overdrive never heats up.

Stupid that you have to do something like this, I know.  But, you gotta play the cards dealt to ya, and I asked Sprint to deal me an Overdrive hand.



Can you imagine the same for a car? "To stop the engine from overheating stop at 7-11 and pour crushed ice into the dispenser. Good for 45 minutes of motoring. Repeat as necessary." Class action lawsuits would ensue.

Or what about an airplane? "During hot weather it's suggested passengers put their arms out of the window to assist with landing". Would you fly?

Yet here we are with defective Overdrives and happy to pay our monthly for defective hardware.


Yet here we are with defective Overdrives and happy to pay our monthly for defective hardware.

Not necessarily happy, but from my researches it was (and remains) a satisfactory solution for our internet access challenges out here in the cow pastures.  As far as its use in a genuinely mobile environment such as you describe, I can see where it can prompt you to keep a bottle of Tums nearby. 

If the problems reported are software generated, there's always hope that future upgrades will relieve some of the problems.  If it's an electrical engineering problem, however, there's nothing for it but to use it till it stops forever, or cash it in for something better.  I'm hopeful that the hardware technology will gallop along so that when my two-year contract expires in 2012, I'll have a better option. 


Yeah, I have the same problems with the Overdrive. I use the ceiling fan as the cooling source.

My computer is on all the time.  I have certain tasks that run in the early hours.

I have done two more things than you have. One is I took the back off the case, and have the Overdrive back side facing the ceiling fan, and two, I run the Overdrive connected to the A/C and take the battery out.

I can get about four of five days continuous service. When it does fail, I paperclip the rest button on the back, and it starts.  I sometimes have to restart it a couple of times, but when it finally does connect, I'm golden for four or five days.

But, yeah, I agree with all the other writers that experience heat and line shedding. This is no way to keep customers.



I am still experiencing the same issues you mentioned. I've had my Overdrive since May 2010 and have had nothing but problems. I installed the June 2010 firmware update, which seemed to help for a few weeks, but I am right back where I started from. My battery gets so hot I can barely handle it. And it is now bulging to the point that it has warped the battery cover. Did Sprint resolve any of your issues?


No, it's still the same old POS we all got conned into buying. There are some genuinely well meaning people at Sprint who are obviously embarrassed by the situation with this device but they have to spout the Chairman Dan party rhetoric to keep their gigs. They want to fix it, they can't, and the same canned stock phrases come out of their mouths becuase that's what they have to do.

Bottom line? Sprint is unwilling to acknowledge the Overdrive is faulty  or is willing to replace it with something that works. I'm very happy  with the network but as soon as the contract is up on this I'm going  anywhere but Sprint (right now that looks like T-Mobile with $39pm unlimited). I will not patronize a business that flat out lies  to me and treats me like a imbecile.


My Overdrive is doing the same thing, overheating and dropping.  I suspend mine by the power cable so that all sides are exposed to open air.  That seems to help.

The only reason I haven't taken it back is that I'm waiting for 4G.  I understand it's active in San Francisco now but I'm in a suburb that Sprint assures me will be covered "very very soon."

I'm giving them until the end of October then I'm trotting down to the class action lawyers in the Embarcadero Center... because I don't like being lied to.


I have the same problem.  I just got it last week.  The sprint members know this problem but they are very sneaky and quiet about this.  They can't blame Serria on the device overheat and dropping issues.  Therefore, they turn to blaming customers ---stupid to by the device!  Sorry, we don't make them, we just sell them....sorry!!!!

I have to take out the battery and the cover....and also go and get a fan for it to work for couple hours!

What's a shame for sprint user like me who has been a loyalty to them through out the years!

I will curse Sprint and all of people who work for them...to knowingly a defective device and still selling to its loyal customers!.....

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