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Overdrive connection error 67


Overdrive connection error 67

This is an update to the thread at   (Sorry I couldn't reply to it, since it was archived.) 

Big thanks to blu_pvamu  for his fix.    I have a Sierra Wireless Overdrive 3g/4g.   The box had worked fine for several years, but this month I had to make a change in my Sprint account and suddenly the box refused to connect to Sprint,  giving a "connection error 67".   I found the community post referenced above and tried that fix.  However, the menus on the Sierra Wireless have changed since then.   I have now fixed the 67 error and its connected fine,  but I wanted to post here the steps I had to go through:

1. Attach box by USB to a computer.  Run Admin software.

2. Choose Advanced Settings.

3. Choose "WAN" tab

4.  Under network updates,  choose  "Update 3g PRL",  after it completes then "Update 3g profile".   Wait several minutes, then restart.

(In my case I had to do both updates twice,  but not sure if that was my goof). 



Awesome! Thanks for posting.

For additional information on this for you or any future visitors to this thread: Often when a change is made to an account such as phone number, price plan, switching ownership, or resetting network configuration the device will need to pull a new profile. This is a file that is sent by the network that allows the device to be authenticated and then allowed to pass data to the internet. Often when this process fails a user will receive an error 67 or error 1012. These errors apply to not just the Overdrive devices but to USB wireless cards and phones as well.

Updating the PRL is done to update a list of preferred towers the device can connect to.

Thanks again for posting!


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