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Overdrive difficult to turn on


Overdrive difficult to turn on

I've had my Overdrive for about a month and a half.  When it's plugged in, I have no problems with it, and it provides excellent wi-fi service.

However, when it's unplugged, I have a lot of difficulty getting it to turn on.  I press the power button, it says "Sprint" (sometimes), then "Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot" for a few seconds, then goes off again.  Sometimes even displays the busy bar, as if it's connecting.  Then it just turns off.  Sometimes even says "powering off".

Resetting sometimes, but usually doesn't, help.

Rarely does it turn on and connect as it should.

This is in the exact same location where it works fine when plugged in, so it's not a variation in 4G signal.

Are others having problems turning their Overdrive on, or is my unit possibly defective?

Software version is 1.07.00.  4G Firmware version


Re: Overdrive difficult to turn on

I have the exact same problem. Have been wondering for awhile if it were software or hardware issue. Got a replacement overdrive shipped to me - same problem remains. It must be a software issue.

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