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Overdrive headache!!!!!


Overdrive headache!!!!!

I have tried to get support for my device through the Sprint service center, online and via telephone.  I have no constant service with my device, it overheats constantly, there is a 60% fluctuation in signal strength.  Is there a solution for this, I have tried relocating the device everywhere, placed a heat absorbing pad under the device, the sprint store replaced the unit once, I have no clue of what else to do I have one year and two months left on my contract.  Any help would be appreciated.  If any one is considering purchasing this device research reviews outside of sprint forums, I would strongly recommend perusing another avenue for service.


Overdrive headache!!!!!

If you haven't already done so, download and install the latest firmware update from sprint, for your "overdrive" unit.  I had many disconnect issues at one time before I did this.  After I did a firmaware update, I haven't had one disconnect.  It has also been reported that the battery lasts longer after this update.

To update your Overdrive unit, please do the following-

Update your software

To update your Overdrive over the air:

  1. When connected to your Overdrive through Wi-Fi, open your web browser and enter either http://overdrive/ or in the address box
  2. On the home page, enter the Administrator Password (default is password), and click OK
  3. Go to Advanced Settings > Device tab > Basic sub-tab
  4. Click Check for Updates Now button; Note: You MUST be plugged into AC power to perform an update
  5. Select Update Options
  6. Select Download and Install Now
  7. A progress bar on your computer will show the update progress. Note: This process will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes, depending on your signal quality
  8. Once the package is downloaded, your Overdrive will apply the new version and web page will show Software Update in Progress. The Overdrive device display will show Update in progress and a percentage complete with a status bar.
  9. Once the update is applied, your Overdrive should reboot and again connect to the network. If it does not reboot on its own, you may have to turn the power off and back on again manually.
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