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Overdrive pro internet connection troubles


Overdrive pro internet connection troubles

PLEASE HELP!! I just purchased a overdrive pro wireless hot spot router and was told to take it home and use my home computer to activate it. I did this and made a user name and password. I already have a home internet connection but when I set up my new route I couldn't connect to the internet until I disabled my home internet connection. How can I make it to where I can use the overdrive pro for my kindle fire outside my home but still use my regular home internet. Can I have both connected? I called sprint and they said they did't know what I was talking about


Re: Overdrive pro internet connection troubles

If you have a home wifi broadcast you can use the Kindle on that while at home and use the Overdrive Pro when you are away. You cannot connect to 2 wifi connections at the same time so you most likely do not want to have both connections set to "Automatic". You need to have it where you choose your connection method each time.


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