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Overdrive problems now charged ETF, is this right?


Overdrive problems now charged ETF, is this right?

I am a newbie in this forum. I live in the country and only Siera Overdrive will work for me. Bought this plan a year and a half ago. Found out last November that the unit had swelled up as well as the battery that I could not even close the back cover.  They helped me get a connection right away by using one of my HTC EVO phones as a hotspot for 29.99/month and was told that when I get a new battery for it to call them back and we will go back to using the data card( sierra wireless) and that they will give me a credit for using the hotspot. On Feb. 2, I called back to activate my data card and that very same day i had to call them back to put me back on the hotspot because the data card was recycling itself and was not working and it was not the battery for sure that was the problem.I went with the reps recommendation to get the new "Sprint Express Mobile" card and "Airave" to get a stonger signal. I received it and found out that it was not the right device for me and I had to return  both.  I was told that the only card that will work for me is the Sierra Overdrive Pro.

Since Feb. 2, I have spent countless hours trying to get a resolution. I have gone thru: getting disconnected, accounts dept and reps scheduled to call me back but never called back, I have pretty much talked to everyone seems like and no one followed up about their missed call appointment with me either.

I followed up today and I asked them to waive the 50.00 ETF  because I do not want to go thru using the Overdrive that has the problem to start with. The situations that transpired left me without a choice but to terminate the contract and just stay on Hotspot using my phone to connect to the internet. They will not waive the fee. At least I was able to ask the credit for charging me 39.99/month for the overdrive for 3 months. It took this much time and agony to resolve this problem and at the end they have to charge me for terminating the contract. I don't believe it is right.

I had been happy with Sprint but until now. If anyone out there has the same situation  I would appreciate hearing from you thru this forum. Thanks.


You don't mention taking the Overdrive to a Sprint authorized repair center to have them fix the non-connecting issue. I use my Overdrive plugged into the wall without the battery while I am at home and many people don't realize it works without the battery in it. If you want help getting the Overdrive connected send me a private message.I have no ability to adjust the ETF but the only time I know it is waived is if you are outside of coverage. Also if the hotspot over your phone is working you could recover the ETF by selling the Overdrive on eBay or Craigslist - just a suggestion.



To my anger and frustrations, I left out important information.....I did not because I will be charged 35.00 just to check it for the records whereas it was already confirmed by the rep who helped me reconnect my hotspot on Feb 2. I called the Executive and Regulatory Department-1-866-727-0665 today, after reviewing the matter, ETF was waived.

Thanks for your offer to help but I will never go back to Sierra Overdrive again.

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