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Overdrive signal strength hack?


Overdrive signal strength hack?

Not sure yet whether this is just a display anomaly or an actual hack, but it would be interesting to know whether anyone else has seen this or could reproduce my results:

  • I have the latest firmware (2.06.06)
  • My signal strength when in 3G mode is 100% (Great signal)
  • In 4G mode, it's 40% (Good signal)
  • While in "3G Only" mode with 100% signal, I switch to "4G Preferred"
  • After a few minutes, the unit goes to 4G, but the signal strength remains at 100% for some time, then goes back to 40% minutes later
  • During this time, refreshing the http://overdrive page still shows 4G and 100%
  • While it is in this "enhanced" signal strength mode, a speed test from shows over 6 Mbps download while it only does 2.53 Mbps after being in 4G mode for some time

So how is it that I'm getting 100% 4G signal and never-before-seen speeds, only for a few minutes, and only after allowing the unit to "prefer" 4G after being in 3G Only mode?

Has anyone else seen this?

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