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Please please help fellow Mifi -er! Prob an easy question.

Please please help fellow Mifi -er! Prob an easy question.

I recently purchased a Mifi. It was working fine until I attempted to secure it. Now, when I go to connect to it, it comes up as (I'm @work not home so I'll try to post from memory) coms up as "Sprint Mifi 2200 Secured" rather than just Sprint Mifi 2200. When i finally got it to work a little, it still just said that it only had "limited connectivity" and ddnt let me do anything.

I removed that network from the available list AND used the tiny internal reset button on the Mifi, which the manual says will reset it to origional: Sprint Mifi 200 [without the SECURED], but when I restart my computer and it located the Mifi, it only comes up with the SECURED version, not the origional. The reset DIDN'T work, even though the light blinked supposedly indicating that it reset properly.

I even tried it on my other laptop AFTER I reset the divice again, and again even the other laptop only finds the Sprint Mifi SECURED, not the origional.

Someone help me before I go insane, please.

ps: insult to injuury is that I read about the Mifi being inept and even when secured it can STILL be accessed by almost anyone. True? Is it even worth my time?


Re: Please please help fellow Mifi -er! Prob an easy question.

C'mon smart people. please!

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