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Really horrible broadband connection now.


Really horrible broadband connection now.

I originally went to sprint for my broadband card instead of ATT because Sprint said it had GOOD 3g coverage at my address. At the time ATT did not have 3g at my home.

For the first 30 days I had fairly good coverage. Never got sent over to 1xrtt, now I am lucky to not be sent to 1xrtt while using my device. I have updated the software and this is still happening.

My signal will be at 60 to 80% evdo then when I actually start doing something it will drop to 1xrtt 10%. I don't know what to do. My computer is in the exact same spot, it does not move so why am I constantly getting booted over to 1xrtt. 1xrtt is slower than the dialup I had before I got this service. I am tired of paying 60 dollars a month for service equal to my 12 dollar dialup.

ATT now offers a very good 3g connection where I live now, I know this because my cell phone is with them and it always shows a full bar 3g connection.

How can I stop 1xrtt from taking over my service?

I use 598U by Sierra Wireless, which is my second modem. The first one was a 3g/4g which wouldn't function.


Well, we're sorry to hear that. You say that your address shows Sprint's GOOD coverage, meaning medium, but it suddenly drops to 1xRTT. The location needs to be marked in our system, Tech support can do this for you. After the location has been marked 2 times, a slow data trouble ticket can be submitted. This engages our field personal for network diagnostics. It sounds like the 60-80% you're seeing before you start downloading maybe the voice signal, not neccessarily the data channel availability. See if you have a "network selection" mode from Smartview's tools / settings / hardware tab / modify. (you may have to wait for your sierra 598 to show up in the box before hitting "modify") Can you select EVDO only?

Additionally, orientation can be a factor. You stated that your computer has never moved or stays stationary so does the aircard work at other locations? If you're unable to test in alternate locations because you're using the modem in a desktop computer, it can be tested at a Sprint Repair Center. If it works better at other locations, there could be unanticipated interference in your home, or changing the position of the modem by using a USB extention (so it's not connected directly to the computer) may provide a better communication with our network.


Actually the sprint coverage map for 3g data shows I am in the "best" range, dark orange on the map.

I do not have the network selection option under tools/settings/hardware. The newest version of the software doesnt offer that.

It does not matter where I am in my house I still will suddenly drop to 1xrtt. While writing this reply I have dropped to 1xrtt two times.

I also already use a usb extension.

I will tell you that if I bypass using the sprint software and just use network connections I can use the modem without any speed issues, but my usage on sprint will show me roaming, which leads me to believe that sprint has no real sprint towers in my area. The sprint tech support could not tell me where my local towers are.

I am very very dissatisfied with Sprints service, and really feel like they are using bait and switch tactics to get users to sign up for their service,. But what confuses me is why during my 30 day trial I always had excellant service.


I too am experiencing horrible broadband connection... and have been for about the last 3 weeks...very frustrating. I have been a Sprint customer for a very long time and up until recently have been very happy.

I updated both software and firmware to no avail.... I have tried using another laptop, added and external antenna...nothing works. I am not locked in by contract and am seriously considering switching to verizon.


well,it's difficult to say. I appreciate you replying with your concerns. About the Sprint coverage map, our "data coverge" tab is only for whether or not you are in an EVDO area. It does not specify the performance expectation like the voice services section does with BEST, GOOD, and FAIR. However, the data expectation is the same as the voice. So we would want to take a look at your voice coverage and use the best, good, and fair coverage expectation and apply that to the data coverage as well. And honestly, if you're in best or good coverage, then it definitely needs to be investigated. But if you're in a fair coverage area, this just may be the nature of our service at that location.


Under the voice map I show as being in he best coverage area, which is why I assumed I would be.


Ok. Well there can be issues at the tower causing slow data. The problem can also be your computer or unacticipated materials that interfere with our signal at your home. since you previously mentioned that it worked great during your first 30day, and assuming you haven't changed anything at your home location, we would like the opportunity to trouble shoot, or at least see how our towers are performing at your location. If you've already called in about it, you could send me a private message with your full address and I can take a look. just click on my avatar to send a private message.


Same problem.  In a 4G area and had good speeds with the Overdrive for the 1st month but in the last few days, speeds have been awful...  pre-G!  Like dial-up was faster.  Installed the firmware update with no improvement.   Using Sprint's speed test different days resulted in averages of downloads of 0.09 Mbps (ATL) 0.12 (ChI) & uploads of 1.17 (ATL) 1.18 (CHI).  Support person said there may be tower problem but would like to know if this is really the case and the expected correction.   I can't stand this.


As of the begining of Nov. I cant download any web pages cant even do a speed test, or watch youtube. I'am using a EX720 card and i tried a different EX720 card same problem. The web page opens but that's it, I try to click on anything and nothin opens. Speedtest starts to ping and then when it trys to do the download test just sits there. I tryed my computer in 2 different areas same thing, I never had this problem in the 2 yrs i have been with sprint. Sprint told my they had no problems with there towers in my area must be my card tryed different card same thing. I tethered my VERIZON phone to my computer and NO PROBLEM at ALL. I used my cable internet NO PROBLEM at ALL. SPRINT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM ON YOUR SIDE FIX IT...

Just tell us what is going on with your Network and fix it. If i don't get a straight answer I will be CLOSING ALL 5 of my Accounts....

                                        UPDATE: Friend has sprint phone and on his phone network work fine...just not on the 3g mobile broadband cards..Is Sprint blocking cards??????????????

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