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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

I would really love to see this tablet come to Sprint as the Motorola Xoom isn't available with a 4G connection through Sprint. Any news or feedback about this happening would be awesome. What does everyone else think?


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Unfortunately we cannot speculate on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as there has been no official announcement however we have announced the HTC Evo View tablet. Take a look at for further details.

Looks like it's going be an awesome piece of equipment! Thanks for your post and expressing your interest!



Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Although I can appreciate all the hard work HTC has done to bring this tablet to us it still doesn't give me Honeycomb with an embedded 4G connection. I am also looking forward to something closer to an ipad in size and feel. Although this form-factor is highly portable I already have a smartphone running Gingerbread with a 4 inch screen. I understand that speculation will get us no where, yet creating a discussion about the interest in this type of device in this site is my goal until such time that I can buy one.

What I am looking for:

Honeycomb 3.X Operating System

Tegra 2 or Hummingbird Dual Core Processor

1GB RAM (Minimum) with 16GB or greater internal storage (with SD or Micro SD Card Reader)

USB Port, with the future capability to act as host. (Not a deal breaker but would be helpful for ICS update)

Mini or Full Size HDMI Port

9" or larger screen size matching resolution of that of the Xoom...

4G WiMax/3G Embedded Radio

I am waiting with cash in hand and looking where to sign that contract...


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

I just read on Samsung's site that the wifi version of the 10.1 will be available thru sprint "mid-summer", whatever that means.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

@Evan- Thanks for the heads up... I guess Sprint will lose out again. Below is the link to stay connected to news of the 10.1 Tab from Samsung...

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