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Service interuption, inconsistency, unavailability Franklin FW300DOWMX


Service interuption, inconsistency, unavailability Franklin FW300DOWMX

Network Name Sprint
System ID
Roaming no
MIP error,0
Signal strength (dBm),-88
Data sent 25053
Data received 74334
IP address
Gateway address

Device name {4D36E96D-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\0007
Device Description USB Data Modem Driver (CMO6002) #3
Manufacturer Franklin Wireless
Modem Model FW300DOWMX
Revision U68CMU15
ESN 3B189D9B
Technology CDMA
Firmware Version U68CMU15
Hardware Version 0.3B
Modem Port COM25

Phone Number REDACTED

Home Carrier Name Sprint
Home Carrier ID 0
Prl version 60763
Imsi 7072807749


My Sprint Wireless Internet connection suddenly stopped working April 18, until briefly the morning of the 19th, after working instantly when I first arrived back home in Kansas (rural Rush County, near La Crosse, 67548). It had worked in California and when I checked it during my trip from California (Salt Lake City, UT, Glenwood Springs, CO.)

I occasionally have one working connection, using this Franklin wireless modem, out of four listed in "Network Connections". Three of the possibles seem to be Dial-up (PPP?) including

a USB data modem on Com 25 which sometimes works #777
a Conexant HDA D110 MDC V.92 modem on Com 3 ppp
a Standard Modem (Com 5) #777

There is also, now and then, a "LAN or High Speed Internet" connection. It is usually returning repeated error message popups to the effect "Local Area Connection - A network cable is unplugged". It is listed as a "Wimax Network Adapter".

The errors seem associated with a "Xylophone concert" effect as USB connections are established and dropped in a semi rythmic fashion. The various USB supported communication links for the Sprint Wireless internet antenna are playing a Xylophone concert of up & down tones.

All I can do is watch and hope the "USB Data Modem" Mobile Dial-up" (PPP?) connection holds through this chaos. But it often does not, forcing me to rely on secondary connections through other providers than Sprint. This is not good for customer retention by Sprint.

The Xylophone concert is accompanied by a second repeated pop up message: "One of the USB devices attached to your computer has malfunctioned and is not recognized. Remove and replace it." Sure. Right after the truck, hauler, and mowers are running and the well is pumping good water, I'll do that.

I have been unable to figure out if it is possible to contact Sprint customer service for assistance with this, so advice about how to do that would be responsive and useful to me.

Any other comments or advice about what may be causing these problems, and how to eliminate them would also be useful. Thanks.

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