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Sierra 250U Issues


Sierra 250U Issues

When I upgraded quite some time ago, I thought going from the old USB device to this one would be a better unit. Since I have had, I have tried for quite some time to deal with the dropping of the EDVO connection immediately or within a few minutes and dealing ith the slow XRTT (or whatever it is) connection, followed by the constant dropping of signal and then the best is, when in an area showing a 4G signal I try to connect to it and it gives me the I need a subscription and or day pass to connect. Uh hello! I pay you for unlimited 3G and 4G on my plan. To be honest I feel very cheated with service and since I am locked into my contract a bit longer I have to deal with this device being a pain in the ass. Anyone have any ideas on what to do with this thing? Before you ask, I run 64 bit Vista on an ASUS machine, all updates with your company and windows are done on a regular basis. The smartview logon is slow or locks up fairly often also. Looking for a possible solution other than leaving Sprint. Any help would b great. Thank you.


Sierra 250U Issues

nice... no support replies. sprint you suck!


Sierra 250U Issues

First it sounds like someone did not update your plan to the correct coded one, that would cause the day pass error.  If you are in a 3G area I would try to build a manual dial up networking connection using #777 as the phone number. You don't need a username/password as long as the card is already provisioned.  I have seen several issues with this card and 64 bit systems - the manual dun will only work with 3G.  If you contact technical support they need to be sure you have a 3G/4G rate plan.

If you send me a private message I will be glad to contact you.


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