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Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G


Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G

Wish I had come here before listening to a salesperson and tech assistant at a Sprint Store

On paper sounds like a great setup ... in reality no reliable functionality as a wifi hotspot ... replaced marginal datacard service via a card plugged into a wifi router with NO connectivity with my wifi devices and periodic speed that rivals that of dialup on a tethered desktop

7+ hours spent trying to resolve an issue with more than a 1/2 dozen tech service CS reps on the phone who obviously are long on putting you on hold and so short of answers that well ... their answers were nonexistent in fact they could offer no tech support suggestions the last one simply told me to "just take it back"

I can see the cell tower and as such watch the signal strength indicator literally bounce back and forth between 0% and 60% and all points in between but even though the tethered computer has inconsistent speeds the wifi components literally have NO reliable connection what so ever. Even if they were slow there would at least be a connection.

Sprint you get whatever constitutes a grade below fail on this one. Now the pain in the *** returning this plus whatever I have to do to get my old datacard service back (since today when I couldn't get the Overdrive activated I was informed I needed a 'New' data account) apparently there is no consistency in the 'script' that Spint issues it's employees.


Re: Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G

Did you get enough connectivity to check for software updates?

1.     While connected to the Overdrive enter http://overdrive in browser to log in to Overdrive Administration page.

§  Default password is: password. You should have changed this.

2.     Go to Advanced Settings > Device (tab) > Check for updates now (button).

§  If there is an update available, a notice will appear with option to install.

§  After the update, the browser will disconnect for a moment while the Overdrive power cycles and should reconnect shortly.

You should have as much signal and connectivity as you did with the old card.  When speaking with Advanced Tech Support they can map your address and see what expected data rates should be.  Additionally a slow data ticket can be completed that would seek to resolve why an Overdrive is connecting slower than your old card.

Also depending on the type of other devices it may be necessary to change the security type you are using.  .

1.     Overdrive Administration Admin Set Up, change security Go to Advanced Settings > Wi-Fi (tab), Basic Rate (dropdown)Click Save.


Re: Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G

I appreciate you taking the time to post the 'scripted' tech advice.

I spent just shy of SEVEN (7) hours on and off the phone with tech support getting 'elevated' on more than one occasion.

Updating was the First thing that was tried and was tried multiple times.

It wasn't just the speed that was the issue it was the fact that while all my wireless devices detected a network none of them would connect or they would connect briefly ( a mere matter of minutes) before hanging and then simply not being able to achieve any connection.

The 'repeated' solution to this was to repeatedy turn off the device and pull out the battery and then hit the reset button. Really? that's a solution to do this over and over again in order to have brief moments of wireless connectivity?

To TOP IT OFF ... now I find out that the song and dance given my by the CS rep when activating the Overdrive 'eliminated' an older more favorable data plan that was $59 a month with NO limits and now after being told the new 'account' that was established was because the device needed a new number has me on a different plan of $59 a month with a 5 GB limit and overages to be charged at will. Sprint? I will be going to the MN AG come Monday morning as well as filing fraud complaints with the FTC.

My latest communication via Sprint's Team was to inform me via email, 'So Sorry, you're old plan is now obsolete so we can't offer it back to you' ... No Kidding? that's likely why you switched it in the first place. Sprint renewed for 2 years in November only finding they didn't want to continue it and played Bait and Switch with the Overdrive and now I am screwed on yet another level!

If anyone out there has had this same thing happen to them then perhaps it's time to consider a class action suit against Sprint.


Re: Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G

I can echo your experience with the Overdrive. I have been on the phone with three different reps on four separate days, not to mention the messages I left for the agent and his manager (this is a business account, so I have a little bit more latitude).

The long and short is that while it would work tethered, the WiFi part would go deaf anywhere from about ten minutes to half an hour and I would have to reboot the unit to get back to the internet.

The CS rep had me do a hard reset, sent an update through the network, made some "hotline" change to my account (anyone know what that really means?) and all for naught. They finally authorized a replacement unit, however since it was in the first thirty days, they claimed it would have to be done through place of purchase, which was online, I was transferred, but the online store was "closed." I still haven't received the promised replacement.

Turns out, though, that my unit was not a hardware failure. I did a bit of spelunking, and on the Network tab of the Wi-Fi tab of the Advanced Settings is a little option called "Wi-Fi Power Save Mode." Enabling the help (yet another option on Advanced Settings), it displayed this help:

"If your computer tends to lose the Wi-Fi connection and stops responding, set this field to Off.

Well, guess what? It actually worked!

Yes, the Overdrive has some quirks (short battery life, may not reconnect to 4G after switching to 3G, gets very warm, won't charge when it is hot), but it now maintains its wifi connection for hours at a time and pulls in a fast 4G signal.

I have attached a screen grab of the settings page, with an arrow pointing to the magic setting and the help text circled on the top right.

Hopefully, this will help someone else, and perhaps the CS folks will actually learn the options for their own devices.


Re: Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G


Excellent suggestion ... it too was one I had to point out the tech support I had on the phone

problem is it did nothing when I made that adjustment

I went thru the screen menu from stem to stern trying to fix my problems

imagine my surprise when one tech rep told me they 'thought' the overdrive wouldn't support a wifi device while it was being used tethered via USB ... huh? that's precisely what it is supposed to do

my impression is that Sprint has not given even the most remote of training to support this device and are just winging it

the plan change nightmare they created by taking away a favorable plan is likely going leave me just leaving Sprint all together

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