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Sierra Wireless 250u.... really bad connection ONGOING problem


Sierra Wireless 250u.... really bad connection ONGOING problem

Below you will see a history of my contact with Sprint over the past couple of days.
I made another call today to try and resolve this issue to the number directly below,
the advisor could not help me so he transfered me to Tech Support, she could not find
the problem so she gave me the number to Clearwire, since they handle all 4G connections.
Well I talked to the rep there and went through everything, and said I am less than
1/3 of a mile away from tower and should have Extremely Fast connection, and there
are no towers down here in Las Vegas. Well here is my speedtest: Latency 100, Download
163kbs, and Upload 94kbs. It is ridiculous to try and update something that is only 6mb
and it takes over 25 MINUTES!!!! I am a web and graphic designer, my business relies on
the web connection, I am demanding service and credit to my account, I have been a long
time customer of sprint and i am FED UP.

Dear .......,

Thank you for contacting Sprint.

Due to time zone restrictions, I am unable to contact you thru phone at
this time.

You may call us back at 877-544-4076. When you reach the menu options,
please select option 8. As this is an escalated path, there will be no
option for option 8 on the recording. You will be connected with our
department directly. Our hours of operation are Monday thru Saturday
from 9am to 11pm Eastern Time.

We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your
questions. Please reply to this e-mail or visit if we can be
of assistance.


Original Message Follows:
Situation Update:
I called Technical Support Yesterday, and he told me to put in a code
and such, and voila i was using 4g. What he neglected to listen to was:
I already had 4g, it goes in and out all of the time or just switches to
3g automatically. When i was on the phone with the representative, and
he told me to goto which i did and i told him, he said there you
go thank you for calling, as soon as i got off the phone with him, the
coverage switched to 3g.

Ummmmm that does not solve my problem, so today I went into the sprint
store located on 3862 w sahara ave, las vegas, nv 89102. well they put
the sierra wireless 3g/4g usb aircard in service, come to find out there
is nothing wrong with the card.

Why am I getting such crappy signal when I am in an area where i should
be getting excellent coverage?

I do not think talking to technical support again will resolve my issue.

I am not able to complete any of my work whatsoever, in fear of having
massive overages. I want a full month credit for all of the difficulty I
have been having. We have multiple accounts with sprint, and I do not
want to change providers, I love sprint. But this is THE worst service I

have ever had with sprint.

Thank you

On 5/1/2011 12:44 PM, Sprint Customer Solutions wrote:
> Dear ......,
> Thank you for your reply. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience
> caused to you as you are getting the very slow speed when you are
> uploading.
> I can understand your dissatisfaction. I have checked your account
> details and found that coverage is best in your area and there is no
> outage as well.
> As you are facing the problem please contact our Technical Support at
> 1-888-211-4727. They will glad to assist you.
> We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your
> questions. Please reply to this email or visit if we can be
> of assistance.
> Sincerely,
> ......
> Sprint

> Original Message Follows:
> ------------------------
> Did you Read my email??? You are telling me to take out the battery...
> helloooo I have a Sierra Wireless 250U USB Connection Card that I am
> having problems with.
> This problem happens all the time when I am connected:
> I turn on the PC, attempt to connect to 4g, then it kicks over to 3g
and connects.
> I switch back over to 4g, it connects and only gives me between 20kbps
> and 100kbps if im lucky when i am downloading or uploading.
> That lasts only a little while before it kicks back to 3g.
> I am in a 4g indoor area, and getting HORRIBLE service, yeah there is
an antenna you can buy, but i am not spending extra when i should be
> getting excellent service.
> I thought Sprint was the leader in 4g???
> I have uninstalled and reinstalled and updated the sprint smartview
> already and it does not help whatsoever.
> Thank you
> ...
> On 4/30/2011 5:25 PM, Sprint Customer Solutions

> wrote:
>> Dear  ....,
>> Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding the connectivity issue.
>> I apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced due to
the connectivity issue.
>> Due to the complexity of certain technical issues, we would like to
>> speak with you to troubleshoot and resolve your situation. Prior to
>> calling,I have remotely refresh the device so that correct
>> can be transferred.
>> please attempt to refresh your phone by following these important
> steps:
>> 1. Power-cycle your phone by removing the battery.
>> 2. Leave the battery off for a minimum of two minutes.
>> 3. Place the battery back on your phone and turn it on.
>> This refresh may correct your issue. If it does’T, please call Sprint
>> Technical Support at 1-888-211-4727 and follow the prompts for
> technical assistance.
>> We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your
>> questions. Please reply to this email or visit if we can
be of assistance.
>> Sincerely,
>> ....
>> Sprint

>> Original Message Follows:
>> ------------------------
>>    Original Question:
>>    Question: I have been a sprint customer for a while now, and I
have never seen worse connection on my Sierra Wireless 250U. I am only
>> getting 100kps download IF I am lucky on 4G. For uploads I am getting
>> 50KPS.... this is HORRIBLE!!!  I keep getting bumped off and it auto
>> switches to 3G constantly. Why is this happening?
>>    I am a web designer and this is not good for my business.
>>    I am in a 4G area... 62.. W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103....
>> If it keeps getting worse I may have to find another provider.


Sorry I do not know why it was formated that way above making it difficult to read. I need resolution to my problem. I cannot stay connected to 4g for more than 6 minutes, when i am it is at a snails pace. I contacted clearwire, there are no tower issues in my area, in fact i am less than 1/3 mile away from tower and he said i should have  lightning fast speeds.  I went to the sprint store and they said there is nothing wrong with my device, however the clearwire guy said most  likely my  device is defective.  I tried the device on my laptop, and i got even worse results. I uninstalled the software and reinstalled from the disk, no resolution in that method.  I called tech support and they assisted me in reseting the device the ## method, no resolution. I am located at the intersecation of Tropicana Ave and Jones in Las Vegas,  NV... look it up, perfect service... and I get horrible service.

I do all of my work online being a Web and Graphic Designer and a Business Owner, my son does Virtual School so All of his classes are Online, and he can never connect with the teachers classes cuz the signal is so bad.

I need a resolution Now, I am looking to get this month credited for my problems. The aircard is on a seperate account, I cannot get on the forums with that  account because  of same emails the number is 4079492733.


I'm sorry about your issues. I wish I had looked into these forums before I went and got a Sprint 250U. I never would've wasted my time. I'm having the same issues. I'm able to use my internet like I should be able to maybe 30 mins each day. It'll go from excellent signal to searching for network in a matter of seconds out of no where. I've chatted w/ them online and emailed them and was told I'm within excellent 3G range. 4G is not available in my area yet though. The guy at Radio Shack said I have 14 days to return it and cancel my contract so I am pretty sure thats what my husband and I are going to do tomorrow. I'm very disappointed w/ Sprint right now.

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