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Sierra Wireless Overdrive update issues

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Sierra Wireless Overdrive update issues

Im trying to update my Sierra Wireless Overdrive hotspot with the newest update (2.23) and it won't take for some reason.  I've tried the manual update method as well as the automatic update from the admin screen.  With the manual update it goes through the entire process and appears to be updating but when it reboots for the final time I get the same "Update available" message.

If I do the update from the admin screen then it simply sits on 0 for as much as 45 minutes and does nothing.

Any suggetions?




Sierra Wireless Overdrive update issues

A store can do it over the wire.  You sound knowledgeable but just to be sure -

If you go to Admin page >>Advanced>>Device>>About    On the left hand side - I think third line down   - Software Version is Firmware 02.06.06 on yours. 



Re: Sierra Wireless Overdrive update issues

Larry - Incorrect Answer,

As of 10/26/2010 for the Overdive the current; software version is 02.23.01, WiFI Firmware version is 02.23.00, and 4G Firmware Version is


I am extremely disappointed that there has not been a recent software update to fix all of the issues with this device since 10/26/2010 - 5 short months after the device was released. Instead Sprint decided to release a newer version and "legacy list" the Overdrive, all while customers have plenty of time left on the contracts.


Sierra Wireless Overdrive update issues

I had this problem after I did the update over the wire. It had the latest version from the website but I was thinking that maybe sprint didn't post the latest. It was even beeping saying there was still and update. The problem was you have to go the advanced settings page and decline the update. Then it will recheck and find that it is up to date.

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