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Slow download speeds with 598U & Windows 7 64 bit any help ?


Slow download speeds with 598U & Windows 7 64 bit any help ?

After doing a clean install of windows 7 Premium 64bit & ALL updated driver for every component form the motherboard, vid. card to even the keyboard & mouse. My computer runs fantastic even runs great on the slow free cable that comes with the apartment I live in ( Streaming video, downloads ECT). The 598U better then the cable in every aspect but not by much even with the newest updates. I beta tested win. 7 with out any troubles with this same 598U and did not have the problem I am having now. Web pages are loading up as fast as my land line, however downloads which were hitting 1.5 to 2.0 Mbps with Vista 64bit are drastically slower not even coming close to 90Kbps on downloads and in some cases even timing out on I. E. 8.

I have checked over and over again and all drivers for the update are installed. No VPN is being used I do get better results on Google Chrome for downloads but not by much just not timing out.

I have been building computers for over 7 years and this one has me baffled.
My computer is over kill for windows 7 and has never comes close to using a 1/4 of the resouces it has for any of the programs installed on it. Not a brag just a fact.

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Thank you,

C.P. Lucas

I forgot to add that I have a great to excellent connection 95% of the time and testing on does still show a download connection at 1.5 Mbps but sprints own testing sites shows a much less slower speed. I've been searching through out the sprint forums and I seem to be the only one to be having this problem.

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Message was edited by: clucas12

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