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Smart View Installer Fails for 598U -> illegal character in path ** RESOLVED**


Smart View Installer Fails for 598U -> illegal character in path ** RESOLVED**

I'm installing the Sprint SmartView software version 2.27.0064.0 that came on my new 598U Sierra Wireless USB Modem.  I accepted all the defaults on the installation and when the installation starts, it immediate fails with the error message "Product: Sprint SmartView -- Error 1324.The path Research In Motion contains an invalid character."

This is quite odd because I haven't had a Blackberry in some time, and the drivers were uninstalled some time ago.  I have no Blackberry drivers or paths on my system that match the string "Research in Motion".

To solve this problem, I figured I would need to check the System Registry, so I ran RegEdit and searched for "Research in Motion".  As luck would have it, there were some references to "E:\Research in Motion" (E:\ was an external CD-ROM drive at the time I used a Blackberry -- no longer) and some rather odd references to "E?\Research in Motion".  I'm sure it was the latter that the SmartView installer was complaining about.  Using RegEdit I deleted all references to the non-existent path and driver, and the installation was able to complete successfully.

Score one for me!

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