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SmartView software for U301 USB Device Faulty?


SmartView software for U301 USB Device Faulty?

Howdy ~~~~

So heres the thing, Sprint is normally pretty good (at least in my experience) with their updates.. So when I turned on my pc and was informed that there was an update for my smartview software I quickly accepted. Only to have it fail.. over.... and over...... and over again.

Thinking that Perhaps the download was some how corrupted, I went to sprints website, Downloaded the latest version, and now??

It to failed.. over and over and over again.. BUT!!!! this time its saying why and im hoping the community or sprint can help me out here..

so here is the full error message..

Error 2753. The File "sdkservicecfg.exe.7C18333A_5BF3_4619_9D94_334229DCCFE2' is not marked for installation

Im also including a screen shot so you can see its downloaded, and runs,, but stops here every time.

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