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SmartView working with Windows 7


SmartView working with Windows 7

[cross-posted in Samsung forum (, but I doubt it is related to the phone]

I'm trying to use SmartView under Windows 7 64-bit (release candidate build 7100) to connect to the internet via my Samsung m520 and Bluetooth. SmartView 2.25.0046.0 seems to install correctly, but it never finds any devices ("No Device Detected").  I can actually get on the internet with simple Windows Dial-Up Networking, dialing #777, but whenever I stress the connection with javascript or large images or flash (which is like 95% of all web sites), then the connection just shuts down within a few minutes at most. 

The same setup works just great under windows vista.

Does anybody have this working?


Re: SmartView working with Windows 7

My guess is that there isn't a Windows 7 compatible version of Smartview yet.

Other than that, have you checked your acceleration settings? If there too high, that could result in similar symptoms.


Re: SmartView working with Windows 7

Thanks for the response.  I guess SmartView is not compatible, but the Win7 release is right around the corner. Is there a beta program for SmartView? 

The acceleration settings don't seem to be the problem, since SmartView isn't connecting at all.  When I connect outside of SV (with dial-up networking) then I assume there's no acceleration at all.  It would be fine to connect that way except the connection won't stay up for more than a few minutes.

I assume calling Sprint Customer Service won't help since Win7 is not fully released yet. If you have any other tips, please let me know.

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