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Smartview Demo Mode Expired Message


Smartview Demo Mode Expired Message

I have a friend that recently got a new Sierra 250U. She upgraded from an older card. Intermittently, when starting Smartview, she gets and error message saying that demo mode has expired and Smartview ends. Won't run at all, nu-uh.

After uninstalling and re-installing it works for a little while then gets the error again. I think I helped her with this error once before on her old card, too.

A while ago I found a reference to that error that led to the Smith Micro site (the authors of Smartview). I can't find that or any other reference to the error now.

Probably not related but I just fixed a situation for her where she could not get to any internet sites. Somehow her DNS and Gateway addresses got hard coded to

Oh, she is on XP and Smatrview is v2.40

Any ideas?

Re: Smartview Demo Mode Expired Message


I can’t say that I’ve ever seen this issue before. Are you using the 4G or 3G service when this happens? I wonder if this is only a Smartview issue. The fastest way to test that would be to connect with a manual DUN (dial up networking) connection from the Start, Control Panel, and Network Connection screen. You should choose the connection labeled, “sprint”, “CDMA”, “Mobile” or “3G”. Granted, doing this, you’re only going to be able to connect at 3G speeds. The only time I’ve ever seen “demo” or a “trial” mode is if your plan is incorrect due to not having the proper 4G plan activated on your Sprint account. (But of course, the only works if you’re connected to 4G). What market are you in? (city and state).



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