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Smartview bumped to 2.22.0042.0


Smartview bumped to 2.22.0042.0

Looks like Smartview graduated to 2.22.0042.0 today for Windows and Mac. Anyone seen the changelog for this guy? I've only recently enjoy stable and trouble-free operation with my U727 (it kept rebooting while still plugged into the USB port - started with firmware 114 and fixed with 116) and want to know if there any new changes worth potentially stabotaging my mobile broadband card for?


Re: Smartview bumped to 2.22.0042.0

I'm not entirely positive but I did read there was an update for the U300 card to add the ability to set 3G as primary for faster connections when you aren't in a 4G coverage area much. Not sure if the rest of the cards use the same software though or if it is different for that card specifically. Looking at the download site it looks like its different, so I'm not entirely sure then...

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