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Snow Leopard Issues


Snow Leopard Issues

I am running on 10.6 and sprint smartview does not work at all.  I have the 597e Express card from sierra wireless.

Can sprint give an answer as to when it will update the smartview for compatibility?



Re: Snow Leopard Issues

Another Sprint customer with the same problem here. Upgraded to Snow Leopard and now when I plug in the Sierra 589 card SmartView says the driver is too old.

I also had the delightful experience of lugging my Macbook to a Sprint store and waiting to speak to a rep (the store manager) who had no information whatsoever but let me call tech support on the store line. I was assured that the latest driver on the Sprint website would support the new Mac OS X 10.6, I asked the question multiple times, and was ASSURED it would work. When I got to a WiFi spot I downloaded the latest SmartView and it tunrs out to be the same version I had previously installed, and does not work.

Total waste of my time: 1 hr, 20 mins

Total cost of a nonfunctioning wireless card: $60/month

Sprint can you at least update your reps and customers with accurate information and a timeframe to support Snow Leopard? If I do not hear anything soon I will start looking at other service providers.


Re: Snow Leopard Issues

Hi, I just got my 598U working with Snow Leopard and thought to share what worked for me in case it's of use to you:

After I upgraded to OS 10.6, Smartview brought up errors about no devices being installed and the modem definition for my Sierra 598U was gone from Network Preferences.  I tried a number of different steps, these final ones worked for me:

  1. Pull your wireless card out of the Mac and set aside
  2. Remove the SmartView software by running the "Sprint SmartView Uninstaller" in the Applications >> Sprint SmartView folder
  3. Manually delete the "Sprint SmartView" folder in the Library >> Application Support folder
  4. (I wasn't able to find anything Sprint-ish to delete in the Cache folders and didn't know where to look to get rid of whatever got updated in the Boot Caches when Sprint SmartView first installed)
  5. Reboot clean, just in case
  6. Download the latest SmartView from Sprint at:
  7. Let it install and reboot again at the end
  8. After reboot stick your 598U wireless card back in
  9. Acknowledge the message about the wireless card not being set up and go to Network Preferences to fill in the Account Name and Password
  10. Notice the new WWAN 'bars' icon up on the menu bar ... this seems to be new and replaces what I used the Modem icon for in Leopard: I always connected directly from the Menu bar -- which is good, because now SmartView complains that my Sierra Wireless drivers are too old.

Here's what I haven't been able to figure:  do I need SmartView at all?  If I skip steps 6 & 7 above, will it still work?  I'm gunshy to try since I've got it working right now and don't want to mess it up, but it seems that SmartView is all about setting up the old modem drivers while 10.6 has all these cool new WWAN drivers, including one for my Sierra Wireless USB 598...

Hope this helps some...


Re: Snow Leopard Issues

pthaden: thanks, that worked! You're right, after plugging in the card I can connect directly from the WWAN icon after it initializes. I guess SmartView isn't really necessary, because I have never launched it after re-installing it.

You are a life-saver...I was afraid I was going to have to revert to OS 10.5 just to use the darn card. Your post should get a sticky on the forum, as I'm sure there will be many, many people facing this issue.

Another question: is there any way to prioritize network connections when more than one is active? At home I connect to my router using Airport, on the road I use the Sprint card, but Airport seems to have top priority so when i plug in the wireless card I can't connect until I remember to turn Airport's admittedly a trivial point in comparison to not being able to use the card, but it would be convenient if somehow the card could be the default when active...

Thanks again!



Re: Snow Leopard Issues

pthaden: I discovered that if you install the ORIGINAL Sprint software that came with your device, SmartView WILL work. It's only when you install the latest (2.25) that you get the drivers bug.

Having said that, when I tried using 10.6's built-in EVDO support, I can connect fine but my speeds are 1-5K/sec with TONS of lag. This compares to speeds of 50-100K/sec with reasonable lag under 10.5.8.

Anyone else seeing their performance getting killed by 10.6?


Re: Snow Leopard Issues

Hey all,

Just a follow up:

I employed the work around solution proposed by pthaden on my Compass 597 card to fix the OS X 10.6 connection issues and it works nicely. I saw the Sierra device listed in the device window , selected it , hit the ADVANCED button Looked at the WWAN settings, hit OK, then Hit CONNECT. The card was then active.

So I'm wondering why I would need the Sprint Smart View software when it seems that the Snow Leopard Network Preferences appears to be smarter than Smart View.

Think a few folks either at Sierra Wireless or Sprint got caught with their pants down on this one.

Thanks everyone for their input on this issue.


Re: Snow Leopard Issues

@xyankee:  I haven't noticed a difference yet, but I'm at home and get horrid coverage from Sprint here -- I primarily use the wireless card on the road.  Will try this week to see if there's a difference.

@pbrandes:  This may not be exactly what you're looking for, but I use the network Locations feature to toggle back and forth between different network "profiles" depending on what I need.  Locations is available under the Apple menu, so it's an easy (albeit manual) switch.

For example, I have three network Location settings:  Automatic, VPN and Static.  Automatic is straight auto everything, just like from the factory; VPN has some hard-coded proxy settings that go into effect when I'm on the corporate VPN, and Static is something I used when I reconfigured the Linksys and never removed.

I bring this up because once you have more than one Location, it seems you can set the service order distinct from one another:  go into Network Preferences, click the little gear button in the lower-left corner and choose Set Service Order.  This brings up a dialog that lets you drag the connections around and lets you set them differently by Location.

Not sure if this perfectly matches what you're trying to do, plus it is a manual change to flip Locations, but it might work for you.




Re: Snow Leopard Issues

One more thought for the community:  If you're like me and you had a telephone icon up in your menu bar because you had clicked "Show modem status in menu bar" back in 10.5 Leopard when the Mac thought your wireless card was a modem and not a WWAN device, you may be as frustrated as I was until I found this old Mac-Forums post (thanks google!).

Since there's no modem definition in the system anymore, I couldn't find a way to uncheck that setting to get the modem status off my menu bar.  And I no longer have any modems since the Sierra card is now a WWAN device, so it was taking up space and mocking me.  Turns out all you need to do to get rid of it is hold Command on the keyboard (do we still call it the 'splat' key?) and drag the icon off the menu bar.

Doh! so easy!



Re: Snow Leopard Issues

Yes, I have noticed a very serious decline in speed of my service as well. Ugh!

I hope that it improves.

Just a thought, I wonder if the same deterioration to speed has occurred with the Sprint MiFI also.

Anyone out there know?

The services are pretty similar in price, maybe I should switch to that, anyone have any experience w/ MiFi on Snow Leopard?


Re: Snow Leopard Issues

pthaden wrote: hold Command on the keyboard (do we still call it the 'splat' key?) and drag the icon off the menu bar.

OT Side Note: It's still the "splat" or "puppyfoot" or "Apple" or "command" key... unless one is an old UNIX type, then "splat" is the asterisk:  *



Re: Snow Leopard Issues

Sprint SmartView has GPS and other neat tricks. Apple's built-in stuff doesn't support that. If all you want is a connection, using 10.6's... assuming you don't suffer huge performance drops like me and others have had.

FYI If you want to run Sprint SmartView on 10.6, uninstall Sprint SmartView completely.

Then re-install it using the original software that came with your card (for me with a 597 that was 1.81 I think).

SmartView will then launch. Although you will need to connect via 10.6's EVDO support. So speeds still suck, but the app launches and you get GPS info etc.

If you update to the latest software (2.25), then you will get the annoying "drivers out of date" message when you launch SmartView. Which makes absolutely no sense.

Typical Sprint service/support, if you ask me (hey, gotta throw in some flamebait -- my card has been useless for the 2 weeks I have been running 10.6).


Re: Snow Leopard Issues

Having same issues as others here.  So from what I have read, basically the current situation is that there's no fix which will avoid a speed reduction??  Whether you reinstall an older version of smartview or bypass smartview altogether, you'll have to use 10.6's WWAN drivers/connection and that seems to make the our sprint sticks' speeds take a dive?  UGH.

Any idea at all when a fix might be coming from Sprint?  Thanks.

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