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Solution to Sprint "SmartView stopped working" problem --> run as administrator


Solution to Sprint "SmartView stopped working" problem --> run as administrator

This is a solution to the problem (at least the solution to my problem) of the SmartView application crashing while attempting to use a Sierra Wireless broadband network adapter.

I just upgraded my wireless broadband from a Novatel wireless Ovation U727 to a Sierra Wireless 250U USB 3G/4G.  I am using this adapter with a Dell Inspiron 1520 running Windows 7.

Having uninstalled my prior version of SmartView, I followed all procedures as instructed in manuals, including first installing SmartView (from the CD), rebooting, then inserting the Sierra Wireless adapter in the USB.  The Device Manager recognized a new device inserted and began installing the drivers, followed by message that the device was ready for use.  So far, so good.  When I clicked on the "connect" button in SmartView, however, nothing happened, including after waiting several minutes.  When I then clicked on SmartView's "FIle" or "Tools" menu, the application crashed, saying, "SmartView has stopped working."

Uninstalling, reinstalling did nothing.  I noted that the CD version of SmartView was 2.40.0040.  Then, I saw on the Sprint download site that there is a version 2.40.0054, so I unistalled the 0040 version and installed the 0054 version. Same problem, SmartView stops working.

In a random decision inspired by I don't know what, I chose to start SmartView by right-clicking on the shortcut and opt for "Run as administrator". Since I was already logged on to my  as an administrator (I am the only user of the laptop), I had no really expectation that this would make any difference. But, lo and behold, the SmartView application not only didn't crash, but now started to show options to connect as 3G versus 4G.  I crossed my fingers and clicked "connect" and it did indeed connect at 3G (the 4G indicator on the Sierra adapter was unlit, indicating no 4G in range).  I then banged the internet surfing, updating email, etc., with success.

Maybe this is obvious to some of you, but it wasn't to me, nor was it obvious to the three Sprint representatives I spoke with during the day, the last of whom indicated that there was a problem with my laptop (potentially a driver conflict) and suggested I needed to have that addressed first.  I don't know if the reps should have known and suggested this, but maybe this will be a recommendation now for anyone who encounters this problem.

If there is ONE person that would be helped (i.e., save 4-8 hours of wasted troubleshooting) by this solution, then I will be happy.

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