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Sprint MIFI and Overdrive/Hotspot...Data Overage???


Sprint MIFI and Overdrive/Hotspot...Data Overage???

Same problem reported by SIESS on 6/27/11.  Overage started for me on April Statement when I upgraded my device from the Overdrive to the Novatel hotspot.  Had same problem with Overdrive overheating.  My 3G data was aroung 40k per month.  After change to Novatel 4082 my usesage in May was 170k, in June is was 600K and in July (so far it is 6,293,557) with a $51 additional charge.

Spoke to customer service David Sir who said I am not in a 4G area and that I am being charged for my excessive 3G data.

I requested escalation to Rocio who said what David Sir said and confirmed that she looked in the Sprint system and that I do not have 4G service.

I requested Escallation and was referred to Crystal in the tech department.  She confirmed that I have 4g at street level for my home address but that if I go a block away I have not 4G (again trying to justify the overcharge). 

I had her check the address where I work (and use my card 95% of the time) and she confirmed that I had street level 4G where I work.

After about 1 hour, her offer was to credit the overcharge if I would change my device to only use 4g instead of the current set up to look for 4g and fall back to 3g if no 4g found. 

I told her I periodically use my device in areas with no 4g and was not willing to have to go to setup and change the settings to allow 3g that I wanted Sprint software and device to work as advertised.

I requested escalation.

Spoke to Tunisia who parroted everthing Crystal said.  I told Tunisia that I wanted the device to work, that I wanted the detail of my data use to inlcude date, time, kps, cell tower and 3g or 4g use. 

I told her I wanted the detail for use of 4g data.

Tunisia said she can't do either.

I requested escalation and was promised a call within the hour.....no one called.

Went to local Sprint store, Customer Service Rep said there is no 4G coverage in my area.  Sprint is sure doing a lot of false advertising if that is the case.

Sprint store said they applied updated software but otherwise the device is working fine.

Looks like my usage went up another 100K since last night (didn't really use it last night).  Maybe the Sprint Technician added it.

In any event, looks like Sprint has a systems issue.

Since I did not receive a reply from Sprint, I went to FCC website and filed complaint.

Certainly can't afford this.   My alternate choice will be Clear.


Sprint MIFI and Overdrive/Hotspot...Data Overage???

It looks like you have been through quite a bit but I do want to add a few ideas.  Your last sentence 'My alternate choice will be Clear." is confusing.  The service you cant connect to at your home is Clear.  They have a partnership with Sprint. Also your usage will trickle in with some delay in cellsite reporting and is not unexpected.

You didn't mention which device you have but many users are finding the UNLIMITED hotpsot on devices like the EVO 3D, EVO 4G, EPIC etc as a great alternative to provide data connections.  You get unlimited 3G and 4G with these plans and the service is month to month and only $29.99.

Again Clear regularly cancels services and sends people to Sprint because of their coverage so please be careful about trying that route.



Sprint MIFI and Overdrive/Hotspot...Data Overage???

Its very confusing.  I do have 4G at my house and work.  The techs and CSR's at Sprint keep telling me it is not available.  I have been using it for at least a year with not problem.

Enter the problem, upgrade to Sprint 3g/4G device (prior devise had battery explode (actually just expanded to like double size) after lenghty service requests and software upgrades. 

The new 4G device was also defective (or bad software).  Although the devise said I was connected t 4g, the data was being billed by Sprint as 3G and they hammered with a charge for excess 3g usage of $50.

Enter second problem, Sprint CSR's who I assume are in India, who have no knowledge or information.  They can only tell me I don't have 4G and it takes three levels of of support and a lot of bitching to get to someone in technical support to confirm that I do have 4 g.

Enter the third problem.  Sprint won't acknowledge the only way they will give a once in a lifetime credit of $50, is if I change my settings to 4G only.

Their people don't know what they are talking about, their equipment or software is defective (crap), their only workaround to limit the functionality of my device (I do use a little 3G and don't want to have to go to settings to turn it on and off).

Went to store, and store said there is no 4g but that they would update software.  Since the update, my 3g usage has returned to normal, ie 2,187k in first four days of billing period.

Clear service seems OK, it is Sprint people, hardware and software that are crap.

Oh, and at work, we had Sprint reps in here selling 4G service.....that according to the sales rep is very good. 

Would that be puffery or lies. 

Do you think they got the sale?


Sprint MIFI and Overdrive/Hotspot...Data Overage???

Also, had to reset the device at 1300 hrs... Piece of crap!

And now, to start calling the Sprint Customer service, to get my $50 back. 

Wonder how my FCC complaint is progressing.


Sprint MIFI and Overdrive/Hotspot...Data Overage???

It continues....

Got my bill with the fraudulent charge, tried to get it removed, Sprint says its a correct charge but they will make an exception.  Any Lawyers out there, class action....how many others are paying additional charges, due to sprint defective devices and or software.

Sprint….and the SAGA continues.

I got my bill and have the fraudulent charge of $51.72 on the bill.

Called Sprint and spoke to Parabesh. Asked for refund.

She authorized me and looked at my account.

She said the charge is for use of 3G…..you are in Laurel MD, there is no 4G service in Laurel Maryland that is why you are being chaged.

Told Parabesh, like the predecessors, she is wrong, I have 4G service, I have had 4G service, the problem was with their device and software, which was defective and fixed at the local Laurel Sprint Store.

I told Parabesh that I want to speak to her supervisor.

Parabesh came back and said she consulted her supervisor and they can give me a one time credit of 51.73.

I told Parabesh that I don’t want a one time credit of $51.73, I want sprint to remove the fraudulently charged additional Data Usage.

Now referred to Michael in Sprint US, I think Georgia.

Michael said the 3G charge is due to me using 3G….I am not a 4G service area. He just checked, and I am being charged 3G because I am not in a 4G Area.

I told him I was…he said 20708 is not in 4g service. He referred me to a coverage map on Sprint’s site. I referred to the site and I am in 4G.


Michael said, no you are not. According to Michael, the 3G charge is correct and proper. He then said he would transfer me. I was on hold shortly, then disconnected.

So, are the Sprint ADS false advertising.....


Sprint MIFI and Overdrive/Hotspot...Data Overage???

Well....just had to reset the device again.  It looked like it was connected, had good signal and blue (4G) light flashing. 

So while I was at it, I checked my usage again.....don't want to be cheated by Sprint....and low and behold, halfway thru the billing period and only 40 meg used.

Sure looks like Spints systems caused the overcharge.

If you were overcharged, check your device.   Sprint won't admit it, but this sure looks fishey.


Sprint MIFI and Overdrive/Hotspot...Data Overage???

Capture.PNG So what's the deal Sprint?  How do I go from 6GB to 40 Meg?  Especially since, as all your customer service reps tell me...I don't have 4G and will simply have to pay the overage for 3G.

Something is fishey.......

If anyone else is getting charged for DATA Overage...beware.   This is obviously a Sprint problem...

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