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Sprint MiFi Connection is Horrible


Sprint MiFi Connection is Horrible

I can honestly state that I may not be renewing my MiFi account. I can't stand having it in a Sprint-covered area and not be able get to anything. The connection from the laptop to the MiFi is fine. The connection from the MiFi to 3G is inconsistent at best. Minutes and minutes pass with no data transmission. Checking for email will time-out. Websites will not load. Then it is fine for a bit. Then it stops again.

It's not the laptop's configuration. I experience these same issues with my iPhone. The MiFi has power, and the 3G connection light is on.

This is really, really annoying.

I have had the MiFi for just over a year. When I first got it everything was fine. In fact, a good 99% of the time where I typically use it (at my daughter's gym where there is no WiFi access) I had no problems even when sharing the connection with another person.

Now, I am lucky to have a decent connection.

My normal stop is marked here:

And, yes, I was connected:

And there was just my laptop and my iPhone connected:

I am just so annoyed with this.

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