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Sprint Overdrive Pro Update 1.07.03


Sprint Overdrive Pro Update 1.07.03

After being notified and installing a new software release the Overdrive Pro is reading 1.07.03 as the firmware version.  Anyone know what is in this release?  I cannot seem to locate any details on the Web at all.


Sprint Overdrive Pro Update 1.07.03


  • The following improvements  have been made with this software update.
    • Improved 4G stability with  new BRCM (Broadcom Corporation) release (broadband chip).
    • OMA-DM provisioning  improvements.
    • Improved 4G network  selection resulting in improved connection time to access the network.
    • Additional text in User  Interface added to clarify data usage counters.

I hope this helps,



Sprint Overdrive Pro Update 1.07.03

Cool, thanks.  I did notice it connects a bit faster on 4g.  Seems I have an extra bar here in Wilmington as well.

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