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Static IP Works Great, BUT....


Static IP Works Great, BUT....

We have a corporate account and recently obtained static IP for all of our broadband cards.  Super!  It provides us with a way of determing exactly where each card is without having to rely on the different connection managers in use.  HOWEVER, (read on)

We also place our cards in a Seasonal Rate Plan during periods of inactivity in an effort to save $$.  This is where the headaches begin.  Sprint seems to start a clock which releases the Static IP after a week or so!  After this, the aircard still manages to obtain an IP, presumably from DHCP that is completely different.  To make matters worse, going back to the "Normal" rate plan and re-enabling the Static IP usually results in the card getting a new static IP that is, again, different from the originally assigned IP!  And, no, you cannot manually assign the static IP (at least not to my knowledge).  It comes from a pool of addresses reserved for our account.  Each card is assigned the next available slot, regardless of what it might have had before.

What bizarre behavior.  I'm very disappointed and frustrated to the point where I want to start replacing all of these lines in favor of our other vendor who provides the same service (at no additional cost) without this aggravating timer issue.

Does Sprint have any plans to fix this?  I fail to see the logic in having them time out.  If they're reserved for our use, why should they time out and disappear?


Static IP Works Great, BUT....


Thank you for your post regarding the static-ip issues you have been dealing with. I do apologize for any troubles you are finding. I have done some research regarding this issue and it does appear that the address should not prompt for a new ip address to be assigned to the connection cards upon coming out of seasonal standby. I would like to have additional information so that we can look to see how the account is set up. Would you mind sending me a private message with one of the phone numbers to the connection cards so that we may take a closer look. I also found that we may be able to recover those addresses that you no longer have assigned. Thank you for your patience while we look into this matter further.


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