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Still the One Ring Problem with the Airave..


Still the One Ring Problem with the Airave..

Does anyone know at Sprint how to fix or resolve this issue? I have talked to three separate Airave support associates and have yet to get the issue resolved. I'm on day five with the messed up Airave and I hope that I am not the only one sitting on my thumbs hoping that Sprint isn't ignoring me and failing to fix the problem. There is a work order ticket attached to my account to have this problem addressed and someone is supposed to call me or email me back, but as of now, NADA, ZERO, No Response.

Let's go Sprint, Fix this issue, I'm losing customers because they hang up when the phone stops ringing.


Still the One Ring Problem with the Airave..


     We did make some changes on the network end on 11/23/11 to address that issue, if you're still experiencing this please power cycle and possibly reset the airave and give it a couple of hours to reconnect, if you still experience it after that I would like to get further information from you, I can send you a private message or you can send me one with your account information. Please be sure to not post any personal information here. Please let me know if you're still having the issue.


Still the One Ring Problem with the Airave..

     Just an update for anyone still experiencing this issue, there was another change made last night that should be temporarily fixing this issue until we are able to roll out a software fix next week.

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