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Strange Data/Overage Problem?

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Strange Data/Overage Problem?


We've had Sprint Wireless Broadband for over four years with a USB flash-drive looking device that is the size of a lighter. It was a Compass 597 by Sierra Wireless.

For some reason, recently, we've had trouble with it getting unresponsive codes etc.

We decided to get an Overdrive protable USB instead so I can use my lap top the same time as him.

I'll admit, I'm on the computer all day, I do online college classes and indulge in a few bootlegs a month. Okay, one or two a week at the most!

So, anway, it's been less than a month, I have until July 18th until my minutes go into the next month, and I've used 4 GBs.

I've been told there is a 5GB cap... yet, when I had a lot of free time I would watch four or more streaming videos two hours long a week, (Once I even downloaded a 3 GB torrent), along with youtube, constant browsing, and we kept it pulgged in and on 24/7.

This was like two months ago, even last month I was very active on the internet, so why now?

So tell me, why have I never went over my minutes, yet, in two or so weeks, with three weeks to go, am I going to go over 5 GBs? (I've cut down lots of internet use since we got the Overdrive as well).

Also, no one else uses hardly any of the internet. We live in a rural location with not neighbors and he's never on the computer...

I'm scared to go over, because my uncle went over when he had his and was charged $500+ dollars. I saw the bill.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? I'm so confused by this.

Thank you very much,



Strange Data/Overage Problem?

Do you have any automatic updates going on - windows - antivirus etc?

Usage reporting can be misleading but it is not a conspiracy theory rather just a result of the millions of transactions that are processed by each tower in the network. The number of transactions from one connection when you count the verification through multiple switches and the translation of the data is enormous. As the networks get more transactions and data this aspect of the business also grows and unfortunately there are delays. Below are a few links – some are free some are programs you purchase. To be absolutely accurate on your data usage and to eliminate the guesswork, delays, confusion, frustrations and uncertainty you may want to try one of these. The only one I have used is duMeter and I like it.

Food for thought – If you buy a $9.95 program you can prevent all anxiety and frustration.


Strange Data/Overage Problem?


     If you've had your previous connection card for over four years, it's possible that you were on one of our older unlimited 3G data connection card plans that are no longer offered. If you would like to verify this is indeed the issue, please give us a call at 888-211-4727 or if you prefer to keep communication on the forums I can send you a private message with the information I need to verify this for you.


Strange Data/Overage Problem?

I think this is a Sprint System software / hardware issue.

I have same problem, started in Late April/May.  3G use went from 40K to 170K in May, 66k in June and so far July is more that 6G. 

Several others are reporting similar problems. 

I filed FCC complaint, Sprint customer service cannot help.

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