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Strange battery issues


Strange battery issues

Yesterday, my OD would work for about 10 - 15 minutes before shutting down in order to recharge -- it was connected to a USB port on my laptop.  It would fully recharge in about 10 minutes -- I was not able to use it until it had fully recharged.  However, after turning it on, it would stop working again after about 10-15 minutes and repreat the same recharge process.  Eventually, I popped out the battery and put it back in, but then I gave up and used my friend's home network.

Today,after charging in the wall overnight, the unit has been working continuously for over 2 hours, and the battery indicator still has two of the three bars showing.  It has been connected and not connected to the USB port.  I have even unplugged my laptop's power cord to see whether the laptop was draining the OD.

The OD is connected to the laptop now -- why would the OD show just two bars on the battery indicator?  Shouldn't it be fully charged?  Does the OD wait until it gets to a crucial level and then shut down and recharge from the computer?

Also, when the OD is recharging, shouldn't I be able to use it when it is at, say, 50% power?  Or is the issue a problem with the power button that I have read about in other threads?

Any insight is appreciated.


Re: Strange battery issues

I have seen the same issues. I am not sure why but it appears to be the battery indicator in the 2.0.6 firmware isn't right. It is frustrating that while on USB it will not operate and charge at the same time.


Re: Strange battery issues

That seems like a reasonable explanation.  The salesperson told me that I could hook up the OD thru the USB and it would keep its charge while I was using my laptop.  Thank you for your response.  Let's hope Sprint corrects this issue.

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