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USB 602 getting GPS Data


USB 602 getting GPS Data

I have the sprint 3g/4g USB modem model# 602.   It says it is supposed to have GPS cabalities built in.   I want to use it as a GPS reciever and have the GPS data from the modem automatically import into third party software.  I can currently do this just fine using sprints usb modem model#598.  In my third party software I just have to choose what com port the USB modem is connected to and it does the rest.  I have tried that with the USB 602 however it does not want to work.   Could it have something to do with Sprint Smartview.  USB 598 uses smartview however the 602 does not.

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Re: USB 602 getting GPS Data

Try this:

  • GPS is enabled by default. 
  • To change this setting or enable NEMA to allow 3rd party mapping applications: 
    1. Open a web browser 
    2. Enter the WebUI URL ( or http://SprintModem
    3. Go to: Settings > Advanced Settings (default password is admin) > General Advanced Settings
    4. Configure appropriately then click Save
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