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Uses for Overdrive SD Card?


Uses for Overdrive SD Card?

We have not yet found any compelling use for the Overdrive SD card. We have 4 PCs in the house, all Ethernet-connected. We have occasional necessity to share files across computers, but that's easily handled by Windows' file sharing capability.

I was wondering if there were some unique capability that the Overdrive SD card might supply in view of its location in the device that accesses the Internet - any ideas?


Uses for Overdrive SD Card?

its just an additional option for file sharing between your computers. Here's how it work below:

Accessing the MicroSD Card

  • When the MicroSD slot is enabled, the inserted card appears in your file browser as a shared network drive.
  • Ways to access the card vary depending on operating system.
    • Windows
      1. In Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer, type one of the following: \\Overdrive\.
      2. Double-click the shared folder.
    • Mac
      1. In Finder, select Go > Connect to Server.
      2. Type one of the following: smb://Overdrive/
      3. When prompted, select the shared drive as the folder to mount.
    • Linux
      1. Open the Run menu (Alt+F2) or a file browser, and type one of the following: smb://Overdrive/.
      2. Double-click the shared folder

Uses for Overdrive SD Card?

Thanks.  I was just wondering if there were some application of the SD other than file sharing.  Don't know what it would be, but was wondering just the same.


Uses for Overdrive SD Card?

Yeah, pretty much file sharing. For a long car trip with a couple of iPhones, laptops, and such, it's a good place to stash some movies and share them instead of copying to each device or fighting among the family who gets to use which device with which movie.

I also use it a bit like DropBox, so I have some important files always available and as backup.

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