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When will Overdrive 3G/4G Hotspot get Win 8 support?


When will Overdrive 3G/4G Hotspot get Win 8 support?

Hi, I've got a Sierra Wireless AirCard 802S (Overdrive Hotspot) which worked fine under windows 7. I have a desktop that doesn't have a WLAN card and MUST be connected via usb. After recently installing windows 8 I am having some issues. The windows 7 driver seemed to install flawlesly and I am able to connect to the internet with IE and "desktop" apps just as I am now. But Windows 8 doesn't seem to recognize the connection fully, therefore almost all metro apps think that they are "Offline". All other support outlets are pointing to the device drivers, saying that they don't use fully utilize mandatory APIs new in windows 8.

Here's some pictures to show my issue:

Screenshot (2).png

Network icon saying that I am connected...

Screenshot (3).png

Sidebar that appears after clicking on the network icon stating "No connections are available". I've done some research and found out that this is not limited to wifi connections and will display wired connections as well if they are recognized and configured correctly.

Screenshot (4).png

Bing weather app with "No internet connection" error.

My question is, when will the device get windows 8 support? I wouldn't think that Sierra Wireless would ditch further support for the device as it is still relativly new. Is there anyone else but me who is having this issue?

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated as it really sucks to not be able to use any "Metro" apps online.


Hello and welcome to the Sprint Communities.  Seeing how Windows 8 is still relatively new, we do not have an update available for the Overdrive pro at this time.  I would hope Sierra Wireless is working on updates for this device as well as others since we still sell this device on 

A simpler solution is to convert your computer to wifi.  I too have a desktop computer and an Overdrive.  I purchased a wifi adapter from amazon for less than $30 including tax and shipping and it works great. 

You can set your Overdrive to check for updates from the Overdrive's admin home page so that when and if the update is released, your Overdrive will automatically pick it up. 

Hope this helps,

Tom Deaver

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Sierra does have drivers available for Windows 8. 

Please see the below links, you will need to uninstall the current driver and install the latest driver. 

The bulletin is here:

You can get to it at the bottom of our Overdrive Pro support/download page:


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