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White Screen on Overdrive B29


White Screen on Overdrive B29

The display on my Overdrive has gone completely white. Otherwise the device seems to work fine. I can still view the status on my computer. Have applied latest firmware update. Any ideas what this is? Thanks in advance.


Re: White Screen on Overdrive B29

more than likely, it's a hardware failure. I would reset the device to be sure. since your screen is not displaying any info, I would use the "restore to factory defaults" from the overdrive admin page, advanced settings, device tab, about. You will need your lock code, but Sprint can provide you with that. after resetting, you'll have to setup your security again, but if the screen is still white, the unit would need to be replaced. If you have TEP, Total Equipment Protection, a Sprint Service and Repair center can repair/replace it for no additional charge. without TEP and outside 30days, it will be $35 as long as it's within the mfr's 1 year warranty.

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