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Windows 2000 and USB 598


Windows 2000 and USB 598

Hi. I have been issued a bunch of Sprint USB 598 cards and instructed to install them on some Dell NT2000 (Professional SP4) laptops my organization uses. The box they come in very plainly (if we consider dark grey writing on a black background to be plain) says in the Systems Requirements, "XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista..," so presumably there is a way. The included manual however only speaks of XP, Vista and Mac. (Where is the Linux? Okay never mind that..)

When I connect the 598 device to one of the Windows 2000 laptops I get the normal found new hardware messages. The device is recognized as a USB device. However, as soon as I reach the point in the installation where it starts to install the 598 software the Windows Install New Hardware Wizard pops up on the screen and everything stops. Windows wants me to tell it where to find the installation software driver. Telling it to look on the USB device returns a message that the device contains no software. I have even tried looking on Microsoft Update for any missing drivers without success. I have next tried to install them in one of our XP laptop machines and no problems were encountered. Since the problem is therefore not the 598s I must presume there is a missing driver in 2000, which would allow the installation as the printing on the USB 598 box implies. Does anyone know what it is and where I canfind this missing software?


Have you tried just closing thew Windows Driver Installation window without trying to install anything? The SmartView installer does all of that itself, so there is no point in having Windows try unless the Installer can't do it. After you close that hardware installation window does the SmartView installer then continue working? I do know that the SmartView installation can take quite some time without telling you what it is doing depending on your system. I have seen it take anywhere from 5 minutes upwards of 30 minutes depending on the hardware in the system I was installing it on.

I would try to install the software in a virtual environment at home top see if I could figure it out, but I don't have a copy of Windows 2000 to try it on, I only have Windows 7, Vista, and XP. So my help is unfortunately going to be more generalized than it would be with a newer OS.


The "Found new hardware" splash screens are automated icons with no way to close them. Only the "Install New Hardware Wizard" allows closing. Doing so terminates all. This choice is only encountered with just the 598 card. Installing some software gets me a little further along, see below.

The first problem is Smartview itself won't install from the USB 598 device. I then downloaded the program from Sprint and tried it that way. The SSV_Windows2.22.0046.exe installs what I figure is about 80 to 90% of the Smartview installation. I get past the "Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for Sprint SmartView" screen and click "I accept..," to the EULA. It doesn't seem to matter if I choose new or classic for the view, The result is the same. I click install to begin the installation, new files copy, then installing drivers, installing NMEA ports (some new hardware now found) then just the status bar with no text followed suddenly by;

"Error 1722 There is a problem with the Windows Installer Package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor (initiated that) Action Register Phoenix, Location C:\...\Phoenix.exe" Regserver.

When I click ok (the only option offered) everything rolls back and uninstalls most of what was installed. Clicking on my computer shows the 598 is merely being seen as a drive e:, with no disk in it. Device Manager now shows a device called Sprint Connection Manager with a yellow ! next to an "unknwn device." Under Universal Serial Bus Controllers the Sierra Wireless USB598 Device is also shown with a yellow ! Cliking on either produces the message "Your registry might be corrupted (Code 19). Of course this error usually means the data isn't found in the registry. Troubleshooters solution is delete the malfunctioning devices and reboot.

I delete these from the Device Manager and reboot. After this attempt and the 598 card is reinserted the error message that appears is "the file 'swmx00.sys' on Sierra Wireless Drive Installation Disk is needed", and I am offered the opportunity to browse for that disk. Since no one seems to have such a disk...

I have tried this in 3 different machines with 3 different Aircards with the exact same results. However, as stated when I tried it with one of the same Aircards and an XP laptop, everything installed perfectly. To my unsophisticated eyes, (again) even though 2000 is one of the platforms listed on the box the USB 598 comes in, it isn't supported and XP is all that is expected.

I am wondering (haven't checked yet) if swmx00.sys is on the XP and if transporting it via USB to the NT machine would work?


I am having the exact same problem.  Did you ever find a solution?  I am fairly sure that I have used an older version of the SmartView driver on a Win2k machine.  Now this is a fresh install of Win2K with Windows Installer 3.1 v2 installed.


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