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Windows 7, 64 bit U300 Drivers....When


Windows 7, 64 bit U300 Drivers....When

Of course excited about my new Win 7 64 bit Dell Mobile Workstation purchased late Oct. 09, I launched out to get a new HTC Hero and U300.  So Far NO drivers from HTC on the 64 bit or on the Franklin Wireless U300 4G Modem.  Anybody got a clue when the Drivers for the U300 have a chance of coming out?




The 2.28 Smartview works with Win 7 64bit.  I use that OS myself.  Now, the Smartview on the cd (probably 2.27) was not intended for Win 7 x86/x64.  Not to say you can't make it work, but the Wimax driver is very unstable on this OS and may blue screen you a few times.  Most of the times I've walked people through this process, it was just to obtain 3g access to download Smartview 2.28.

HTC just launched an update on the 13th here .  According to the masses, it has both 32 and 64 bit win 7 drivers.  Check it out and let me know if you have any problems.


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