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help with MIFI!


help with MIFI!

Just got a mifi.  With my sprint data card I was able to broadcast my church services live no problem, pointed it to my IP address, and everything was great.  Tried it with my mifi and its a no go!  Manufacturer is no help, user guide no help, mentions forwarding IP , which I tried to do with all online info avail, still can't broadcast anymore, is there a solution for this?  nothing onlin, originally I broadcasted form my IP adress: port 5700 now it can't establish the connection, any help woud be greatly appreciated!

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Re: help with MIFI!

Also, tried to forward the IP via that option in the mifi menu to no avail, followed online instructions to the"t"

Any techies avail to help?  Feel like tossing the thing in the trash and puling out the old Sierra 597.  I need to broadcast like I did before.  manufacturer won't offer support, broadcast service points me to manufacturer... sprint has no solution, anybody know what I can do?

I know my computer IP, subnet/mask, port #, etc.

can't get this figured out!

Also had verified y settings in command prompt: ipconfig - everything I was typing was correct.

background info: broadcast site is camstreams and they essentially have software that uses your computer as a server to host/broadcast via your camera and video feed.  i feed service info from our HD cameras and sound system into my laptop svideo and audio jacks, and broadcast live, no problem with my Sierra Wireless card, the Mifi I guess, presents itself as a router, so I can't point Camstreams directly to my laptop IP address anymore. The probale solution was to forward the Mifi (router) to auto forward to my computer IP address under port 5700, I did this with no success.  I then trie dto point camstreams to my MIFI IP address directly, and have the MIFI forward to my laptop IP, this did not work.

Don't knwo if its software related, the MIFI forward option doesn't allow enough characters to type my IP address and ":5700" port #.  Is this the issue?  is there a resolution!

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Re: help with MIFI!

What card you are using? Are you just trying to establish a connection? Thanks.


Re: help with MIFI!

I have the MIFI card, didn't know there was more than one... idk Model 220?  Whatever is on the sprint website right now, they only have one.

What I am attempting to do is this:

stream video/audio church services from my laptop, as I have been doing all along with my Sierra 597 card and all the data cards previous.

I use a service called camstreams, add a .com to that and you can see exactly what I am attempting to do.

Now PRIOR to me activating my mifi, everything worked fine.  The PROBLEM is that the software and server at camstreams can no longer link t my laptops direct IP address and therefor my camera or audio inputs.  So I can no longer broadcast from my laptop.

The user manual is worthless as it literally has 2 lines of text under IP forwarding, and gives no instructions.

The manufaturere doesn't know what to do, sprint tech support doesn't know what to do, camstreams doesn't know what to do, and so... I'm in the dark here.

I attempted to forward the IP address via the mifi admin, that didn't work, same error.  I have assigned the broadcasting to "port 5700" on me device.  Now in theory I think I would need to IP forward my mifi to my laptops IP address but inclusive of the ort # as in example: as I have previously (this is not my IP address, just an example) however, the problem is the mifi admin panel that allows you to type in the IP you are forwarding to, does not allow for enough characters to allow the ":5700" to be added .

Essentially in order for me to broadcast I have to tell camstreams where my IP is and exaclty what port it will be grabbing the feed from, the mifi will not allow me to do that, I believe, because it is not allowing access to my device IP address and port as my data card would have.

I even tried just plugging my mifi into my laptop USB port, I downloaded the drivers and even by the manufacturere page it stated I should be able to access the internet via that route, however this doesn't allow a connection at all,  So I thought, ok Sprint Smart view download, that also did not resolve.

So basically for what I need my internet connection for, the mifi is worthless, unless you can offer some kind of solution.  I hope this was enough clarification.  Any more clarifiation as to the requirements for broadcasting can be found at the support page, which was also unable to resolve the issue.


Re: help with MIFI!

Don't shoot me but did you install if correctly? Here's the link to some troubleshooting tips for the MiFi Let me know if this support page helps. There is specific port forwarding instructions in the support guide.

Current Version: Firmware 142

  1. Use your normal Wi-Fi manager on your computer to locate the MiFi 2200 wireless


2. If multiple wireless networks are found, highlight the one that has “Sprint MiFi 2200” in

its name.

3. Click Connect.

4. If this is your first time connecting to the MiFi 2200, continue with these steps.

5. From your computer’s Web browser, enter into the address window

and press the Enter or Return key.

6. Enter the password “admin” when requested. An onscreen wizard will launch and

guide you through setting up security for your MiFi 2200.

7. Follow the instructions on the screen.

8. After you click Finish, your device will restart and you must reconnect to your wireless

network and enter the Network Key you just created.

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding allows designated users or

applications to reach specified servers, such as FTP

and DNS servers, on your computer. Also, some

online games require incoming access to work



You cannot use port forwarding with a standard

Sprint data account. To use port forwarding, you

must request a static IP (sometimes called public IP)

address. Contact your direct sales representative or

Sprint Customer Service to purchase a static IP

address for mobile applications.


You will need to set up static IP addresses on

your WLAN for each device that has an

application to which you want to forward.

The Port Forwarding Screen

The Port Forwarding screen allows you to enter the

local static IP address for each application that you

want to receive traffic from the Internet.

From the Port Forwarding screen, select the check

box for the application you want to enable

Type the local static IP address of the device

hosting the application into the IP Address on

WLAN box.

Click Apply

when you have finished adding


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Re: help with MIFI!

argh, I won't shoot you.


YES I installed everything correctly, I'm a power user (just not enought to get this ONE thing figured out), I even renamed my Mifi's IP address so I know the inner workings of it, and to clarify because I didn't know if this came across in my previous postings, I have been able to get online since day one, I used the user manual/instructions from the get go for setup, and I am familiar with all of the advanced options of the card under the admin panel.

The ONLY problem I am having is successfully maintaining my broadcast abilites with camstreams.

The mifi is working fine for everything except the real reason I need a connection card to begin with, I don't really need my internet cards for anything other than the broadcasting, I have a blackberry so I use it for most everything else.  I'm grandfathered into an unlimited data plan on my connection card line so I continue to use it to broadcast our services, except.... I can't now.  Also the site link you gave me did not help with the situation I am having, thank you.

I appreciate that you're taking time to help me out, for sure.  I'm just not sure how much more clear I can be, my posts have been pretty extensive in the issue I'm having alogn with a link that gives a breakdown of exactly whats required to broadcast with camstreams.

And yes I have already ruled out the camstreams server and software, they are working fine for computers with regular data cards or an always on cable broadband connection....(meaning my laptop is broadcasting fine when I'm on an alternate internet connection other than my mifi.)



Re: help with MIFI!

Heyyyy... I'm actually having the same problem. Have you had any luck with the port forwarding on your sprint MiFi 2200??? If so please tell me!!! However I may be able to give you some help though... the only thing I've read about port forwarding the MiFi2200 is this:

"The best and simpliest way to the port forwarding is to get a wireless router from CradlePoint and plug in your MiFi into it, I got mine from here: , with a router you will only need to setup the wireless connection once and any user on any computer can connect via wifi or ethernet. You will also be able to custom your port forwarding features, allow load balance, and prioritize traffic, its so easy even a cavemen can do it.

Order from You want to be able to get the best tech support especially when it comes to port forwarding > Get the router and turn it on > connect your sprint card into the router > 15 seconds your connected just connect to the wifi like you would a coffee shop. "

I don't know how much that will help but it will at least let you enter in your ports you want to forward...... getting really irritated that I can type it all in except for the last number..... . Either way let me know if you have anything else so I don't have to get a wireless router please!

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