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sharing a connection using 598 u sierra wireless


sharing a connection using 598 u sierra wireless

I am currently trying to share a connection between my 2 laptops both are using Windows XP. I have set up the connection between the two and it tells me that it is connected but when I try to surf the web it says that I am not connected to the Internet. After an hour or so of trying to figure it out I tried to repair the connection and it said that there was no problem found with the connection. It just says that it couldn't finish repairing the connection due to TCP/IP. and there was someting else about too many networks or something like that that was sending me straight to support. I have not had any success with getting help from sprints tech support over the phone or in the store. I have been working on this for days. Anything that you can think of that might help would be awsome


Re: sharing a connection using 598 u sierra wireless

So you've told Windows to share this connection between the two computers while the device is pluged in and conencted on one laptop? Sprint will not have support for this, I would suggest looking into a router you can plug the device into that will allow you to do this, there are plenty out there, linksys is the first one that comes to mind. Look around, there are several out there.

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