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sprint and 5GB limit


sprint and 5GB limit

well just got off the phone from sprint. Sprint no longer carries unlimited and we use our net card for our trucking business. so now in a matter of 4 days I have used 3.72 GB and minutes do not start over until the 8th of February. so with that said I am one very unhappy customer and here is the rest of the story. when I got the new u300 card 3g/4g I was told that I was on the unlimited plan and now after 3 weeks I find out I have to be in a 4g area to get unlimited that 3g side is limited. well sprint wake up have you checked the map only like 20 places in all of the United States has 4g. You expect people to pay their sprint bill when like us we will not beable to do so if I have to pay huge yes HUGE amounts of money in order to find loads to keep us going. I am not the only person with this problem. Now if I was not using this for a business I would still have a problem and here is why...I have to delete emails that could be important because my emails that I open or send count against my 5gb limit per month. I can no longer watch tv shows which no problem I can give that up I can no longer chat online with family who do not have phones just internet so there goes talking to important people in my life. I have to be extremely careful when looking online for loads to keep our truck moving. with all this said its just a little dent in how sprint and their new 5GB limit has affected one person and a business. sure hope you are satisfied sprint after 10 years of being a customer I plan to leave sprint and tell everyone I know how sprint has taken a dump on customer service. Have a nice day and I most certainly will when I return 3 phones, a net book and this air card.


That's a lot of data for such a few days.

I'd talk to retentions and see if they have any options for you before giving it all up.

I think it's been well known that most Cell Carriers have a 5gb cap on their 2G/3G service.  Cable/DSL have been chomping at the bit to put caps in their service.  4G/WiMAX has unlimited and like you said is only good in certian areas, and then those areas tend to be limited.

For all the research that I have done on sprint's website and others, it's pretty clear what their restrictions are, so I don't have a lot of sympathy, but yeah, I do realize that if you expect unlimited, you want unlimited, but for me it's pretty clear what the limits are to things. Cell carriers have been really careful to outline that "unlimited" reallly doesn't mean "unlimited"  they've been sued many of times for false advertising regarding that issue.

An option that I would suggest, and it's not for the faint of heart is look at the Palm Pre and some of the stuff you can do "out side of the box"  it does carry truely unlimited data, but if you go over board with it, the wrath of sprint may not be nice.

Good Luck!

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