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sprints broadband/hot spot service


sprints broadband/hot spot service

  I am considering getting rid of my home internet service threw my cable company cause they are killing me in price seems like every month it goes up. I have been with sprint for a long time and currently have and have had a an everything data plan. I understand that sprint's hotspot service is 30 dollars extra a month. I guess my question is if I go completely wireless with sprint to save some money is it worth it or am I taking a risk of crappy internet service?  Could someone explain any big difference in the air card or something like the mifi hotspot device. Kind of my first attempt in this so I guess I dont want to screw it up


sprints broadband/hot spot service

I have an Overdrive and love it.  I would recommend it to anyone.  The bigger considerations here are speed and quantity.  An aircard or wifi hotpsot device has a 5GB usage for 59.99 per month - If you are adding the hotspot availabilty to a compatible device you get unlimited access for 29.99 per month.  You have 30 days if you get a device to test the waters, just wait to cancel you existing service.  You should have a good idea of coverage by how your phone works or you can map your coverage at    You will want to select the data tab after you input the address into the search location. 

Also there are new rate plans out there for higher usage limits.  Here is a link to the updated plans.

Hope this helps


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