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u301 on Win7 Ent 64-bit stays at "Obtaining IP Address"


u301 on Win7 Ent 64-bit stays at "Obtaining IP Address"

I've had the u301 for a while now and haven't had any issues.  3g and 4g work great on XP.

Have a new laptop with Win7 Ent and the 4g connect will hang on obtaining IP address.  The 3g works fine.  Running the latest SmartView (2.4x) and even tried the 2.28x with the same effect.

Any advice?


Re: u301 on Win7 Ent 64-bit stays at "Obtaining IP Address"

It sounds like you've done your homework. I took the liberty of checking with our ticket team supervisor, kind of like our tier 3 tech support that liazons with our IT dept, and we don't have any known issues with windows 7 64 bit and smartview regarding 4G. With that being said, if the device works on other OS's like XP without an issue, we'd try switching to NDIS in Smartview. While disconnected, tools - settings - hardware tab - modify - NDIS radio button at the bottom, apply and ok. Next would be to RTN the aircard, forcing a complete wipe and re-activation (programming) of the data profile. (you'll need your lock code which tech support can provide. There could be networking requirements or protocols in Windows 7 that XP doesn't use so it's not a problem with XP. Just speculation of course.

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