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u600 4G takes forever to connect


u600 4G takes forever to connect

Maybe someone can help me understand why this happens. I have a Sprint U600 3G/4G USB card and I use Sprint SmartView on a MacBook Pro (mid 2010). 3G always connects fine when there is coverage but 4G behaves very strangely.

I live in Mountain View where there is a decent 4G signal downtown and when I switch to 4G I see "Searching for Network" and "No Networks Found" repeatedly for many minutes. It literally takes 4 minutes to eventually see a signal and offer the Connect button. Once I click the button connection is always fast though. The device itself maintains a red light throughout until I'm actually connected when it turns blue and blinks fast.

(1) Why does my U600 think there's no 4G when there is?

(2) Why does SmartView take so long to find a 4G signal?

Could my device be faulty? Anyone else seeing this issue?

Many thanks,



Sorry Nick for your problems, I have that same device and it connects to 4g just fine. With your issue, it is hard to tell if it is your device or if there is acutally an issue with the 4g service in that area. Seems to be more of a service issue since the 3g connects with no issues. Do you connect with any other devices to use 4g (perhaps a phone)? If so do those devices take a while to connect? 3g and 4g work off of totally different towers, so it is possible that the 4g signal could be partially blocked to your location, which would take it longer to connect. These are a few of the possibilities.


Thanks for the reply obustin30. The U600 is the only 4G device I own and I have traveled up and down the Bay Area but it always behaves the same. As I've not heard of anyone else with the same problem perhaps the device is faulty? I should probably take it in to a Sprint Store...

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