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why only one wireless broadband/mifi plan?


why only one wireless broadband/mifi plan?

i realized i was only using about 200mb a month with my 2200 mifi device so i contacted Sprint to downgrade to a lesser plan. i was told that the 5gb/59.99 was the only on Sprint offers its wireless broadband customers.

am i wrong or did Sprint offer two plans for us mifi users initially?

in any case, i visited the Verizon site. they DO have a 39.99/250mb plan along with a 5gb/59.99 plan. hmmm...

if Verizon will let me bring my device over (so i don't have to buy another one) and i can some how cut/diminish Sprint's $200(?) penalty, i'll be gone.

no complaints about the service, but Verizon's approach seems a bit more customer friendly in this regard.


Re: why only one wireless broadband/mifi plan?

Sprint used to have this plan, I bet if you contacted a retentions rep they could hook you up. When you call into Sprint select the option to cancel and then when the representative comes on the line tell them the situation exactly like you did here and I bet they can help you.


Re: why only one wireless broadband/mifi plan?

thanks for this tip.

i will give it a try once i hear from Verizon one way or the other--their response will let me know how far i am willing to push this.

thanks again.

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